What international shipping methods are available?

We can ship your package via EMS, Airmail, SAL (cheaper version of Airmail), FedEx, and UPS.

Which shipping method is the cheapest?

It depends on your package size and weight. For small items, like CDs and magazines, SAL "small packet" is the cheapest option. For other packages, please refer to our Shipping Calculator.

Which shipping method is the fastest?

FedEx/UPS/EMS are among the fastest and SAL is the slowest.

Which shipping method should I choose?

For cheap and small items, we recommend using SAL "small packet". For other items, we recommend using EMS as it is the most reliable and reasonable shipping method.

When should I use FedEx/UPS?

  • When it is cheaper than EMS.
  • When your package is too heavy or too long for EMS.
  • When you want to send books, equipment, and other heavy stuff.

What are the shipping fees?

You can check the shipping fees with our Shipping Calculator.

Can international shipping be free?

No, international shipping cannot be free. Some items sold on Rakuten and Amazon come with free shipping within Japan. In these cases we do not charge clients for shipping within Japan, but international shipping is always subject to an additional charge.

What is "small packet"?

"Small packet" is a shipping option for small items. It is the cheapest shipping method available, but it has size, weight and insurance limitations. "Small packet" can be sent by Airmail or SAL (cheaper and slower version of Airmail).

The maximum weight is 2 kg.
Length(a) + height(b) + depth(c) <= 90 cm.

For rolled items: length(a) <= 90 cm and length(a) + twice the diameter <= 104 cm.

Can you ship big/heavy/long items?

Shipping limits depend on your country and the shipping method you choose. You can check size and weight limits for your country with our Shipping Calculator.

What items are forbidden?

Anything that can explode or cause a fire is forbidden to ship. Illegal items are also forbidden. Please check prohibited items for details.

What are the customs duties?

Usually, you can import a certain amount of goods without having to pay any customs fees. If an item value exceeds a certain duty-free limit you will have to pay import tax. Customs duties and restrictions are different for each country. Please use a Google search in your language for "customs duty import" with your country name.

When will you ship my items?

After your items have arrived at our warehouse, you can decide when, where and how to ship them. To begin, go to the "Packages" tab on your account. Once you specify your shipping details and pay for the international shipping, we will ship your package within 2 days.

Do you provide a tracking number?

Yes, all packages have tracking numbers. You will be able to track your package from your account once the package is shipped.

Can you make my package really strong?

We consolidate your items and pack them for free, with regard to the item's fragility, size etc. In most cases, our packages are strong enough to endure most situations. If your package is especially big, heavy, and you are worried about your items' security, we recommend using our framework service for 1500 yen per box. Your package will be strengthened by hard pressed carton angles fixed with staples. Please note that it is necessary to order this when you create fragile items such as turntables.

Can I ask you to mark my items as "gift"?

Unfortunately, we are not able to mark items as "gift" in the invoice. We have to mark all of our packages as "merchandise". Hope for your kind understanding.

I have created a package and received a quote, but I want to reorganize it. Is it possible?

If you want to change your shipping method, you can do it for free on the Packages tab. If you created a package, but then change your mind and want to repack it, it will cost an additional 1000 yen.

How much is the package insurance?

You don't need to pay the package insurance. For all shipping methods the shipping insurance is covered by ZenMarket. In case you send a parcel by Small Packet method, a ZenMarket special insurance fee may be charged in order to secure a full refund in case of a loss by the postal services.

I haven't received my package yet. What should I do?

All packages have tracking numbers, and you can check your package's tracking records from your account. If 1 month has passed since the shipping date, and you still have not received your package, please contact us. We will request the Japanese Post to initiate the investigation. It takes up to 2 months to conduct an investigation, but don't worry, all packages are insured. Investigations take time, but you will receive either your package or your money back.

* FedEx offers an insurance for delivery delay, however, this is not applied to our service because we have a contract rate with FedEx since April 28th, 2016.

My package is damaged. What should I do?

If you see that your package is damaged or has been opened, DON'T RECEIVE it and DON'T SIGN for delivery. In this case, go to the post office where your package is stored and ask the postal worker to open the package in front of you before signing for delivery. If you see that your items are damaged, declare the loss or damage right at your post office. Make sure that your claim is accepted. After this, send us the copy of your claim. We will send a request to the Japanese Post to start the compensation procedure.

Good practices

  • Buy from one Japanese shop to reduce shipping fees within Japan.
  • Use your home address and not an office address for shipping.
  • Don't ship too many identical items.
  • Use different shipping addresses if you buy a lot and often.
  • Check your country's customs duties and postal method's size/weight restrictions in advance.

Still haven't found the answer?

Feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer your questions.