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Quick guide

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What is ZenMarket?

ZenMarket is a shopping service. We help you buy from Japanese online marketplaces and auctions.

Why use ZenMarket?

- ZenMarket will solve all your problems related to buying things from Japan.
- It is cheaper to buy via ZenMarket.

Read our complete guide on the pitfalls of Online shopping in Japan and how to avoid them.

How to buy from marketplaces?

The process is summarized in the below video:

1. Add items to the Cart
Add item URLs from any Japanese online marketplaces to the Cart and place the order.

2. Get a quote
ZenMarket will confirm item prices and their availability.

3. Pay for items
Once prices are confirmed you can pay for your items.

4. Wait a couple of days
ZenMarket will buy your items from the shop you selected. Usually, it takes 2-3 days for an item to arrive at our warehouse.
Please note that the delivery may take longer when you order an item out of stock.
Also, the date shown on your account page is an estimated arrival date. The actual arrival date might be different.

5. Specify shipping details
Once items arrive at the warehouse, specify the shipping method and your address.

6. Pay for shipping
Once the parcel is weighed and measured you can pay for international shipping.

7. Get your parcel delivered
Wait 1-2 weeks for the parcel to get delivered to your place.

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Buying Guide for Rakuma

Buying Guide for Amazon

Buying Guide for Mercari

Buying Guide for Yahoo! Shopping

You can also check out our buying guides for stores not built directly into ZenMarket here.

How to bid on auctions?

The process is summarized in the below video:

1. Deposit money
Add some funds to your ZenMarket account to be able to place a bid.

2. Place a bid
Place a bid on an auction item you like.

3. Wait a couple of days
If you have won an auction, we will buy your item from the seller. Wait 2-3 days for the item to arrive at our warehouse.

4. Specify shipping details
Once items arrive at the warehouse, specify the shipping method and your address.

5. Pay for shipping
Once the parcel is weighed and measured you can pay for international shipping.

6. Get your parcel delivered
Wait 1-2 weeks for the parcel to get delivered to your address.

Feel free to check out our Yahoo! Auctions tutorial blog for more information.

How much will it cost?

It is convenient to know the total cost beforehand, but unfortunately several factors prevent us from having this information available. We don't know: how much your items will weigh, the dimensions of the parcel we ship your items in, where you are going to send your parcel to, which shipping method you are going to choose, and how you are going to pay until after it has been packed, weighed, measured and you tell us the shipping address. You can use the Fee Calculator to estimate the total cost. We recommend adding a bit of extra weight and entering dimensions to account for the packaging materials that protect your item(s).

What doesn't ZenMarket do?

- We don't buy in offline shops.
- We don't provide a mail-forwarding service. We ship only items you buy via ZenMarket.
- We don't ship within Japan. We ship only abroad.
- We don't buy batteries, lubricants, sprays and other Forbidden Items
- We don't buy oversize, overweight, and overlength items
- We don't check whether items function properly.
- We don't mark items as "gift" in the shipping documents.
- We cannot accept requests on altering the declared name and price.

Can I order pre-order items?

Yes, we can order pre-order items as well. Please put the item into your cart and proceed with the payment. Once the item arrives at our warehouse, we’ll register it.

When do I specify my delivery address?

After it is ordered, the item arrives at our warehouse in Osaka first. Then you will need to specify the desired delivery method and provide your delivery address from the Parcels tab.

Is there anything I need to check before purchasing/shipping items to a destination country?

Please check the following:

-Available shipping methods to the destination country. You can check it with our Shipping Calculator.

-Restriction on shipping methods. There are restrictions for each shipping method. Please check here or contact us. Especially, food, beverages and cosmetics cannot be shipped by certain shipping methods, so please check before purchasing those items.

-Import rules and Customs’ regulations for the destination country. Please check relevant documentation and/or contact respective authorities at the country of destination.

What are ZenPoints?

ZenPoints are a reward system introduced in August of 2023.
ZenPoints are earned through sign-up and loyalty bonuses as well as campaign participation. ZenPoints work similarly to cashback, with 1 ZenPoint equaling ¥1, but they can only be used for international shipping payments.

Things to note about ZenPoints:

  • ZenPoints can only be used for international shipping. They are applied automatically when you pay for your parcels.
  • If both ZenPoints and funds are available in your account, ZenPoints will be automatically used first.
  • ZenPoints will expire after 3 months of account inactivity.

What is ZenPlus?

ZenPlus is a shopping platform by ZenMarket. Japanese manufacturers and retailers can open their shops on it. You don't need to pay 500 yen service fee for goods you buy on ZenPlus. You also earn ZenPoints if you buy on ZenPlus. Any ZenPoints you earn through ZenPlus purchases will be added to your account after the international shipping fee of the item has been paid. Your ZenPoints are used for covering the cost of international shipping for subsequent parcels.

Other conditions are similar to other shopping platforms on ZenMarket. The domestic shipping fee depends on the seller and is not always free. The items from ZenPlus can be packed together and shipped internationally with any of your other items. The international shipping fee should be paid separately and is not included in the item price.

Cancellation and return policy depends on each individual seller. Please note that a 1000 yen cancellation fee applies for cancelling your order from ZenPlus after the item is paid for. If you have any doubts about whether the item can be shipped or not, please contact us before paying.

What is Zenbot?

Zenbot - is an automatic product price checking system that calculates product price and other fees within Japan (at this moment available for Rakuten shops only). Zenbot issues a quote within several seconds so you can buy your items without any delays. Please note: The international shipping fee is not included in the first quote, it is calculated after your items arrive at our warehouse.

Attention! Zenbot can’t check if items can be sent to your country for you. Please make sure the item you plan to buy can be shipped to you before placing an order. Sometimes, calculating mistakes (for example, wrong domestic shipping fee etc.) may occur due to technical issues. Therefore, quotes may be corrected before purchasing items from stores.
If the shipping fee within Japan or any other order parameters can not be detected by the system, the order will be checked manually. In this case, orders are processed on a first-come, fist-served basis and may take some time.

How to start?

Find what you want to buy, then add the item URL to the shopping cart or place a bid.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Can I create several accounts on ZenMarket?

The user may have one account only.
If it is necessary to create a new account and there is a strong reason for it, please inform us about your intentions beforehand.
Failure to do so may result in restrictions being placed upon your accounts.