Automatic VAT Payments For European Parcels

Dealing with VAT can be confusing and, worst of all, time-consuming - Creating long delays for your parcel to arrive at your front door. 

To help provide our customers based in Europe shipping options that both save you time and money, ZenMarket is IOSS registered! 


What is the IOSS system? 

For Parcels valued under 150 EUR (Goods value), the IOSS system allows ZenMarket customers to pay the cost of VAT along with the international shipping before their parcels even leave Japan.

If you would like to take advantage of our IOSS system simply leave the option selected when making your international shipping payment for your parcel and the cost of VAT will be automatically added to your shipping payment. 

If you would prefer not to use the IOSS system and not automatically pay for shipping VAT, then untick the IOSS option before making your payment. 


IOSS System Benefits 

  • Save Money! - A customs clearance fee is usually charged by the transporter when your items arrive at the customs office. With IOSS, parcel transporters don't have to deal with VAT, and therefore, you don't have to pay any clearance fees!

  • Faster Delivery! - With IOSS, transporters don't have to deal with preparing VAT documentation and invoicing for your parcels, meaning your items arrive at your doorstep even faster!


We cannot automatically process taxes for Parcels that contain a total value of 150 EUR or more.

Therefore goods valued above 150 euros will need to be processed and charged by customs offices domestically within Europe.

Please note that even though VAT is paid, depending on the items ordered and the individual country's import policies, Custom Duties might be required for parcel delivery.


VAT For Parcels Over 150 EUR

Due to changes in EU import VAT rules starting July 1st, 2021, customers shipping goods valued over 150 EUR to the EU via courier services, can now submit their tax identification information for smoother customs procedures.

The type of information necessary depends on the value of the goods in the parcel and the destination country including, but not limited to:

  • Tax ID
  • EORI Number
  • Social Security Number

The information can be submitted on ZenMarket via the "TAX NUMBER" field at the bottom of your address when creating a parcel (the name of this field may be updated in the future).

Below is the information available as of June 2021.


Please kindly note this information might be updated by the respective country's authorities at any time.

Please investigate which type of information is necessary for your package in advance to ensure that your parcels are processed by your country's customs office without delay.

Country Goods value [Below €150]

Goods value [Above €150]

Bulgaria Automatically Processed* EORI Required
Czech Rep. Automatically Processed* EORI Required
Estonia Automatically Processed* Social Security Number required
Finland  Automatically Processed* Social Security Number (or) EORI required
Germany Automatically Processed* If more than 9 imports per year, EORI required
Greece Automatically Processed* If above €1,000, TAX ID required
Hungary Automatically Processed*  If above €1,000, TAX ID required
Italy Automatically Processed* TAX ID required
Latvia Automatically Processed* Social Security Number required 
Lithuania Automatically Processed* If above €1,000, EORI required
Portugal TAX ID (if VAT is levied at import and paid by consignee) required  TAX ID required
Romania Social Security Number (or) EORI required  Social Security Number (or) EORI required 
Slovakia Automatically Processed* National ID required 
Slovenia Automatically Processed*  TAX ID required
Spain Automatically Processed*  TAX ID required

*No additional information is required to be submitted when sending a parcel of this value to this country as VAT will automatically be calculated.

We hope this information has been helpful in providing clarity on how the new rules and proceedings implemented by the EU may affect some ZenMarket customers. 


How Much VAT Do I Need To Pay?

How much you will be charged for VAT will depend on the country you are trying to import your goods to.

Below you can find the standard VAT Rates charged by European countries. (10/09/2021)


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