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VAT Import Rules in the EU - Changes You Need to Know About

Due to changes in EU import VAT rules starting July 1st, for customers shipping goods to the EU via courier services, it is recommended that you now provide your tax identification information for smoother customs procedures.

The type of information necessary depends on the value of the goods in the parcel and the destination country including, but not limited to:

  • Tax ID
  • EORI Number
  • Social Security Number

The information can be submitted via the "TAX NUMBER" field at the bottom of your address (the name of this field may be updated in the future).

Below is the information available as of June 2021.

Please kindly note this information might be updated by the respective country's authorities at any time.

Please investigate which type of information is necessary for your package in advance to ensure that your parcels are processed by your country's customs office without delay.


Country Goods valued [Below €150] Goods valued [Above €150]
Bulgaria NA* EORI Required
Czech Rep. NA* EORI Required
Estonia NA* Social Security Number required
Finland  NA* Social Security Number (or) EORI required
Germany NA* If more than 9 imports per year, EORI required
Greece NA* If above €1,000, TAX ID required
Hungary NA*  If above €1,000, TAX ID required
Italy NA* TAX ID required
Latvia NA* Social Security Number required 
Lithuania NA* If above €1,000, EORI required
Portugal TAX ID (if VAT is levied at import and paid by consignee) required  TAX ID required
Romania Social Security Number (or) EORI required  Social Security Number (or) EORI required 
Slovakia NA* National ID required 
Slovenia NA*  TAX ID required
Spain NA*  TAX ID required

*NA = No additional information is required to be submitting when sending a parcel of this type/value to this country.

We have received requests regarding the option to allow customers to pre-pay for VAT prior to shipping.

We are currently looking for ways to implement this option, however, due to the complexity of the procedures needed, we cannot provide a specific timeline at this point. We will inform customers when and if we are to implement such a system in the future.

We hope this information has been helpful in providing clarity on how the new rules and proceedings implemented by the EU may affect some ZenMarket customers. 

News| 22/06/2021 | News