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The Best Japanese Used Clothing Stores

Whether you’re looking for deals on luxury branded bags, or discounted Japanese streetwear brands, we’ve got you covered.
Article | 11/04/2019 | Fashionzenplus

National Holiday Notice

During Golden Week (April 27 - May 6th), our office will continue to remain open. However, please expect delays in orders and shipping.
News | 11/04/2019 | News

[GIVEAWAY] 5th Anniversay Mega Giveaway WINNERS

Thank you for participating in our 5th Anniversary Mega Giveaway! Here are the winners...

Meet the ZenMarket Family!

Ever wondered what the team behind ZenMarket was like? Find out about us here -- our likes, hobbies and more!

Did You Know? 5 Years of ZenMarket in Numbers

We are celebrating our 5th anniversary! Did you know these fun facts about our company?

The Story of ZenMarket

Take a look back at our past 5 years! We've had many amazing milestones and we're excited for what's next.

Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket Quiz (Answers!)

Need help with our Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket quiz? We explain the answers here!
Article | 05/04/2019 | quizanniversary

Do You Know How To Use ZenMarket?

How much do you really know how to use ZenMarket? Test your knowledge with our quiz! Who knows, you might get just a little bonus if you do well enough!
Article | 04/04/2019 | quizanniversary

ZenMarket 5th Anniversary Mega Giveaway!

ZenMarket is turning the big FIVE! To thank you for your continued support, we are holding a massive giveaway. Find out more here!

Let’s Learn Japanese With Luna! Part 4

Let's learn Japanese with Part 4 of our free weekly Japanese lessons with ZenPop's mascot Luna. In this series, we look at a frame from ZenPop’s original manga, FULL MOON MAGIC and teach you Japanese from it.
Article | 22/03/2019 | nihongoZenpop