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How To Buy Lucky Bags (Fukubukoro) From Japan

ZOZOTOWN, the Japanese fashion giant for menswear and womenswear has started selling their lucky bags with over 450 designer brands to choose from.
Article | 03/12/2018 | FashionHow toTutorial

How To Order From The Japanese BAPE Store

With ZenMarket, we can buy all the Japan-exclusive BAPE products that you want. By purchasing from the Japanese official A Bathing Ape online store, you will be certain that your items are authentic.
Article | 27/11/2018 | How toTutorialFashion

Get Clothes From BABYMETAL's Apparel Brand BMD FOX APPAREL

You can purchase BMD FOX APPAREL through ZenMarket and get it shipped worldwide! Learn how.
Article | 07/11/2018 | Fashion


When it comes to making Japanese jeans every little detail is carefully considered. What jeans should you buy?
Article | 16/10/2018 | Fashion

Top 6 Lolita Brands in Japan 2018

We've been getting a lot of questions since our "How To Buy Lolita Fashion From Japan" blog, and we thought it would be a good idea to address the main question "What are the top lolita brands in Japan?"


As we are heading to the end of 2018, there are a few trends that are extremely prominent in Japanese streetwear at the moment. Here's our list of the top five trends that are currently dominating Japanese streetwear.

Authentic Custom G Shock Watches

These customized G-Shock watches are one of the newest hypes to hit Asia, and all your favorite K-Pop stars and idols are wearing them.

How to buy Lolita from Japan 2018

Are you looking to purchase lolita clothing from Japan? Here's our quick guide of buying from all your favorite Lolita brands from wherever you are in the world. 
Article | 22/08/2018 | FashionHow to?Tutorial

J-Fashion Interview with Mikan Mandarin

We had the honor of interviewing Mikan Mandarin last week and was able to talk to her about her favorite Japanese brands and her fashion inspirations.
Article | 30/07/2018 | Fashion

5 Tips to Stay Warm in Japan

5 tips and techniques on how Japanese people survive the winter season.