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How To Buy From Disney Japan

Looking to buy exclusive Disney Japan goodies? We have you covered! Find out how to buy from Disney Japan online store in our quick and easy tutorial!
Article | 28/06/2019 | Tutorial

These Parrot Goods Are Taking Japan By Storm

After four images being posted on Twitter earlier this year, parrot goods are taking Japan by storm. Why? Well, these adorable A4-sized posters hold all the answers.

10 NES Games Any Fan Must Own

We’ve talked about SNK retro games, and have done several retro gaming giveaways, but we haven’t ranked our favorite games yet. We will start with listing our top 10 must-own NES games for any Nintendo fan.
Article | 27/06/2019 | Toyszenplus

SAL Service Resumes in 6 Countries

SAL mail service is resuming in 6 countries! If you are living in France, The Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, Gibraltar, and Algeria, you'll be able to start shipping SAL parcels come July 1st, 2019.
News | 26/06/2019 | News

Let's Learn Japanese with Luna! Part 5

Let's learn Japanese with Part 5 of our free Japanese lessons with ZenPop's mascot Luna. In this series, we look at a frame from ZenPop’s original manga, FULL MOON MAGIC and teach you Japanese from it.
Article | 20/06/2019 | nihongoZenpop

7 Must-Have Touhou Project Merch

Deciding what Touhou Project merch to invest in or deciding where to buy it can be quite tricky. That's why we have curated a list of the must-have items for any fan. What item excites you the most?
Article | 19/06/2019 | Animezenplus

Shipping Delays Expected Due To G-20 Summit

Due to the G-20 summit happening in Osaka on the 28th and 29th June, we are expecting shipping delays for parcels to and from our warehouse.
News | 18/06/2019 | News

Top 5 Daiwa Fishing Reels For Your Money

We’ve talked about our top 5 Daiwa fishing rods, the best Japanese fishing wear, and the best places to buy Japanese fishing tackle. Today, we’re here to introduce our top 5 Daiwa fishing reels picked by our ZenPlus team members.
Article | 17/06/2019 | fishingzenplus

6 Lesser Known J-Fashion Brands

J-fashion is continually making waves around the world as Japan’s next generation of brands and boutiques are on the rise. Let’s take a look at six lesser-known Japanese brands, and give them the recognition that they deserve.
Article | 14/06/2019 | Fashionzenplus

ZenMarket June Updates

We've been working hard to improve our services and we're excited to announce them all! We've got a new language version joining the family, updated pages and an improved photo service which you can read all about in here.
News | 14/06/2019 | News