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User Agreement and Terms of Service

You must read and agree to the User Agreement and Terms of Service below before registering and using the services provided by ZenMarket.


ZenMarket provides buying and auction bidding services under the following User Agreement and Terms of Service ("TOS"), which may be updated by ZenMarket at any time without notice. The Client is responsible for reviewing the most current version of the TOS.


(1) ZenMarket means ZenMarket Proxy Shopping Service (run by ZenGroup Inc., Japan).
(2) Client means an individual or a legal entity who has duly registered on the ZenMarket site (hereinafter referred to as the Website).
(3) Agreements collectively mean each and every rule and agreement posted on the Website by ZenMarket including but not limited to this User Agreement and Terms of Service.
(4) Client's Information means information disclosed to ZenMarket by any Client.


ZenMarket provides Clients with the following services (hereinafter referred to as Services):
(1) to act on behalf of any Client on request to purchase relevant merchandise through the Website and dispatch it to such Client (hereinafter referred to as Shopping Service), and
(2) to act on behalf of a Client on request to purchase relevant merchandise through the Website auction system and dispatch it to such Client (hereinafter referred to as Auction Bidding Service).


1 With regard to the Shopping Service, ZenMarket shall make a purchase of relevant merchandise in accordance with the price estimation thereof and arrange its dispatch only after payment from the Client.
2 With regard to the Auction Bidding Service, in case of any Client having made a successful bid of certain merchandise through the Website, ZenMarket shall purchase such merchandise in accordance with conditions therefore and dispatch it to the Client only after payment from the Client.
3 Concerning the Auction Bidding Service, due to the payment gateway policies, funds added via WeChat Pay cannot be used to participate in auctions.


The items listed below are not allowed to be purchased using ZenMarket buying and auction bidding services:
1 Items defined as illegal by Japanese law or by the law of the destination country.
2 Items that harm public order and morality.
3 Any items that might lead to or encourage criminal activity.
4 Any dangerous goods, that may be harmful for life and health of human being.
5 Any illegal adult products*, violence encouraging products, etc.
6 Any malfunctioning items.
7 Living organisms including but not limited to animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, fungus etc.
8 Any flammable or explosive goods.
9 Cultural heritage.
10 Any products that might infringe a third party's intellectual property or harm a third party's honor and privacy.
11 Any products that might harm any other rights of a third party.
12 Oversized products that might not be shipped due to size/weight restrictions.
13 Alcohol, alcoholic beverages, perfume containing alcohol, etc.
14 Products prohibited for export.
15 Any other items defined as inappropriate by ZenMarket.

*Regarding adult products:
・ZenMarket strictly prohibits the purchase and shipment of items associated with, or that could be considered child pornography. Such items include but are not limited to materials such as photographs and videos, as well as realistic AI-generated images that depict individuals under 18 years of age (the legal age in Japan) in provocative attire or partially or fully nude, as well as any representation of indecent acts involving such individuals. ZenMarket reserves the right to unilaterally determine whether an item falls into this category without providing an explanation of the evaluation criteria.
・Items identified as violating this policy will be disposed of without compensation to the client. Furthermore, the account of any client found purchasing such items will be subject to punitive actions..


While using ZenMarket service the customers are prohibited from
1 Buying or bidding on products prohibited by ZenMarket
2 Engaging in any activities that are in conflict with this agreement and/or other ZenMarket guidelines
3 Engaging in any activities that might be of harm to ZenMarket's or ZenMarket partners' reputation and business operation
4 Any other activity defined as inappropriate by ZenMarket


1 In connection with the Shopping Service, ZenMarket makes no representations or warranties regarding, including but not limited to, vendor, quality, non-infringement of rights of any party, reliability and/or legal compliance of the relevant merchandise.
2 In connection with the Auction Bidding Service, ZenMarket makes no representations or warranties regarding, including but not limited to, truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of the content, legal compliance or non-infringement of rights of any party with respect to the relative auction.
3 ZenMarket shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever incurred to Clients caused by any discontinuation, delay, interruption or loss of data due to communication lines and/or system breakdown due to computer failure.
4 ZenMarket shall not be liable for any damage incurred to any Client caused by his/her violation of the Agreements.
5 ZenMarket shall not bear any liability whatsoever for any damage incurred to any Client arising from or in connection with the Services unless otherwise such is caused by intentional negligence by ZenMarket.


1 Any individual or legal entity who has agreed to the TOS can register on the Website.
2 Membership registration for an individual shall be applied for by himself/herself and no proxy registrations shall be accepted.
3 Membership registration for a legal entity shall be applied for in the name of such entity by its officer or employee who has due authorization.
4 ZenMarket may, at its own discretion, reject any registration application.


Fees, including but not limited to the calculation method and payment terms thereof, shall be in accordance with conditions set forth by ZenMarket separately, which may be modified or amended by ZenMarket from time to time.


The Client shall make a payment covering the price of the merchandise and relevant fees in advance of ZenMarket's purchase of such merchandise.
Under Japanese legislation, the funds deposited into the User's ZenMarket account can be retained in balance for a period of six months from the moment of deposit. The User is required to utilize these funds for payment of goods and services or withdraw them by the same method they were deposited before the end of this period.


1 ZenMarket charges no storage fees to Clients for the period of 60 calendar days after the merchandise purchased in connection with the Services is delivered to ZenMarket.
2 If, however, aforesaid storage period exceeds 60 days, the respective Client shall pay storage fee of 50 yen per day for every item.
3 In case aforesaid section is applicable, the respective Client shall pay a storage fee prior to ZenMarket's dispatch of such merchandise for which a storage fee has incurred.
4 If ZenMarket's storing period of any merchandise purchased in connection with the Services exceeds 90 calendar days after its delivery to ZenMarket, the respective Client shall lose all rights on the purchase of such merchandise.


The Client cannot cancel an order after the merchandise has been purchased.


ZenMarket does not accept returns and does not make refunds for purchased items.


Any Client may, if he/she wishes, terminate membership only by himself/herself pursuant to procedures on Website. Upon completion of such termination procedures, the relevant Client loses the status as a Client.


1 ZenMarket may suspend the use of Services by any Client, change his/her ID and password, and terminate his/her status as a Client, if any Client:
(1) has given false information at the time of membership registration or gives such false information when using the Services,
(2) violates laws and regulations or the TOS,
(3) participates in dishonest conduct in using the Services,
(4) makes mistakes inputting their password over the permitted number of times or does other actions that may cause ZenMarket to take necessary measures to ensure security of the respective Client.
2 ZenMarket disclaims any liability whatsoever for any disadvantage or damage incurred to any respective Client whose membership is canceled or suspended.


ZenMarket may, at its own discretion, with or without prior notice to Clients, change or delete the whole or parts of the Service at any time.


1 ZenMarket may, at its own discretion, alter, change, amend or modify parts of the TOS from time to time without any prior notice. Such alteration, change, amendment and/or modification shall be effective upon posting of such on the Website.
2 Upon any Client's use of Services after such alteration, change, amendment and/or modification, he/she is deemed to have agreed to terms and conditions of altered, changed, amended and or modified TOS.


1 Conclusion, effectiveness, construction, enforcement and/or conflict resolution of the TOS shall be governed by the laws of Japan, whereby United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods shall not apply.
2 Clients and ZenMarket hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court situated in Osaka, Japan for the first instance for resolution of any dispute arising from or in connection with the TOS. Clients and ZenMarket further agree that any other courts or dispute resolution institutions have no jurisdiction therefore.
3 Clients and ZenMarket shall perform their obligations set forth in the TOS until relevant dispute is duly resolved.


1 ZenMarket may, without prior notice to Clients, temporarily discontinue Services in case of:
(1) regular or urgent maintenance of the system and relevant equipment necessary for providing the Services,
(2) interruption, including but not limited to, in communication lines and/or power supply deployed by ZenMarket,
(3) actual or threatened earthquake, typhoon, flood, tsunami or other acts of god causing emergency situation; laws, regulation and/or government instructions requiring such limitation in communication; or otherwise ZenMarket at its discretion deciding that such discontinuation is necessary, or
(4) failure to provide Services due to technical reasons.
2 ZenMarket disclaims any liability whatsoever for damage incurred to Clients caused by any such delay or temporary discontinuation.

These Terms of Service are effective as of March 29, 2016

Personal Information Protection Policy

ZenMarket INC recognizes that Clients' Personal Information is important information that constitutes privacy in the course of conducting its purchasing agency, cross-border EC, shopping platform provision service, marketing business, and consulting business. When handling Personal Information in the course of business, ZenMarket INC will respect our Clients and live up to their expectations and trust in us by establishing laws and regulations concerning Personal Information and internal rules stipulated for the protection of Personal Information, as well as by developing an organizational structure and striving to protect Personal Information appropriately.

Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

We will specify the purposes of use of Personal Information within the scope of our business activities, and will acquire, use, and provide Personal Information fairly and appropriately to the extent necessary to achieve those purposes. We will also take steps to ensure that Personal Information acquired will not be used for purposes other than those specified.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with laws, national guidelines, other norms, and social order concerning Personal Information, and strive to protect Personal Information appropriately.

Proper Management of Personal Information

We are fully aware of the dangers of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of the Personal Information we handle, and we will implement reasonable security measures and take appropriate corrective action if problems arise.

Responding to Inquiries

We will respond appropriately to inquiries from the Client regarding disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or complaints about Personal Information handled by us.

Continuous Improvement

We have established management regulations and a management system for the protection of Personal Information, which are thoroughly implemented by all employees, and are regularly reviewed in an effort to continuously improve our Personal Information protection management system.


Enacted: 21st February, 2022
Revised: 13th July, 2022

ZenMarket INC
CEO Naumov Andriy

Contact Information for Personal Information Protection Policy
Personal Information Inquiry Dept.
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka City, Chuo-ku, Kawaramachi, 1-7-7
Osaka Sakaisuji L Building 10F
Personal Information Protection Manager: Shin Sugahara
TEL 06-4560-4070