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Cheap Yen 2022 - buy luxury products now!

With the Yen being cheaper than ever before, now is the time to take advantage of exchange rates and shop until you drop!
News | 09/09/2022 | Fashion

Is Himekaji Japanese Street Fashion? (What You Need to Know)

The Himekaji style is a unique style of Japanese Street Fashion that is distinct from similar styles such as Hime Gyaru and Roma Gyaru.
Article | 01/05/2022 | Fashion

Must have Japanese fashion in your collection

Interested in Japanese Fashion? Check out our blog post with 9 must-have Japanese fashion items!
Article | 29/04/2022 | Fashion

What Are the Different Types of Japanese Fashion?

Wanting to know more about Japanese fashion? Find out what some of the different types of Japanese fashion there are in our blog post!
Article | 25/03/2022 | Fashion

What is Visual Kei Fashion - Guide From Japan

Interested in the Japanese alt fashion Visual Kei? Check out our blog post to find out where Visual Kei came from, what it is, and the substyles of Visual Kei!
Article | 25/03/2022 | Fashion

What Are the Characteristics of Japanese Fashion?

Interested in the characteristics of modern and traditional Japanese fashion? Check out our blog post that includes a helpful guide on Japanese Fashion
Article | 18/03/2022 | Fashion

How Has Japanese Fashion Changed Over Time (Guide)

Interested in the history of Japanese Fashion? Check out our guide that goes over fashion from the Heian Period traditional clothing to Harajuku fashion!
Article | 18/03/2022 | Fashion

Where to Buy Japanese Fashion in Japan

Interested in where to buy Japanese fashion in Japan? Check out our blog post full of a variety of stores covering multiple Japanese modern fashion niches.
Article | 18/03/2022 | Fashion

What to Buy in Japan (Fashion Tips for Beginners)

Not sure what to buy from Japan? Check out our blog post that's full of tips on which Japanese apparel stores you should buy from!
Article | 18/02/2022 | Fashion

7 Best Japanese Denim Brands (Helpful Guide)

Want to know some of the best denim brands from Japan? Check out our post on everything you need to know about getting the best Japanese denim products.