The Best Japanese Chocolates To Buy For Your Valentine

It is one month to February 14 and we’re back with more valentine’s gift ideas to express your love! Last week, we curated a list of limited edition plushies that would make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Today, we’re excited to introduce some of the best Japanese chocolates that you can buy for the sweetest Valentine’s Day.
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"Good Enough To Eat" - Japanese Realistic Fake Food

If you've ever visited Japan you've probably noticed that they display plastic replica food in the window of most restaurants. What are they?

Fresh RAMEN Delivery from Japan

Always wondered how you could eat fresh Japanese ramen without travelling thousands of miles to the land of the rising sun? We have the solution.

The Best Tonkotsu Ramen In Japan

Our favorite tonkotsu ramen restaurant is...

Tomita Ramen 2018

What's so special about Tomita ramen?
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Our Favorite Ramen From Around Japan

Discover some of the most famous ramens in Japan, and why they're special.
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5 Tips to Stay Warm in Japan

5 tips and techniques on how Japanese people survive the winter season.

Appearance is tofu, but...

A post-it note, which looks identical to real tofu!
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