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Comprehensive Guide to Wagashi Japanese Traditional Japanese Sweets

Interested in every aspect of Traditional Japanese sweets? Check out our blog post that goes over everything from the history to classifications of Wagashi!
Article | 25/02/2022 | Food

Guide To Konpeito – Japanese Sugar Candy

Want to know more about Konpeito and its significance to Japanese culture? Check out our blog post that contains a helpful guide as well as where you can make your own Konpeito.
Article | 25/02/2022 | Foodtraditional

Everything you need to know about Calpico | Calpis

Want to know everything there is to know about Calpico? Check out our blog post with a complete guide and recipes.
Article | 18/02/2022 | Food

What are Traditional Japanese Confections? [Helpful Guide 2022]

Interested in Japanese traditional sweets? Check out our blog post that will provide you with a helpful guide on popular traditional sweets, wagashi!

6 Japanese Ramen Types You Should Try

Ramen, ramen...where shall we begin? Ramen is everywhere, but what types should you try or give a miss? Find out here.
Article | 29/04/2020 | zenplusFood

Sampuru: Japanese Fake Plastic Food

Japanese fake food has been gathering attention all over the internet, but what is it, and how is it made? Our ZenPlus team give you all the insights.
Article | 26/08/2019 | Food

6 Crazy Things About Japanese Supermarkets

Japanese grocery stores differ from your usual supermarket you know! Our ZenPlus team made a list of the six craziest things, so you don't have to.
Article | 29/07/2019 | zenplusFood


After 110 years of research and experience, we cannot deny that Jikko has a lot of experience when it comes to making some of the highest quality knives in the world. Learn more about why these Japanese knives are so unique in this blog.
Article | 16/04/2019 | Food

Upgrade Your Lunch With The Best Bento Box Tools

Packing your own lunch is the best way to save money, shed some pounds and reduce your carbon footprint! We recommend the best tools to make the best lunch box that everyone will wish they could eat.

7 Character Cafes You Must Visit in Japan

From Pokemon to Final Fantasy. Japan has brought a lot of character designs to our lives. ZenMarket gives you the 7 Best. Click Here.
Article | 29/01/2019 | Pop cultureFoodAnimemangaCosplay