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Our advantages and reasons to shop with us


One cart for Japan
You can do all your Japanese shopping on ZenMarket because we deal with all Japanese online shops and auctions. We have integrated the most popular Japanese online shopping websites: Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo!Auctions. You can also easily add any other items to your shopping cart that can be purchased online from other websites in Japan. Just add items by URL to the cart, and we'll do the rest.

Real-time bidding on Yahoo
Using ZenMarket, you can enjoy real-time bidding on the biggest Japanese online auction: Yahoo!Auctions.

We help you find items
Though we provide automatic search functionality in English, sometimes it is hard to find the right item if you don't know what it is called in Japanese. In this case, we will gladly help you with your search.

We fill in your shipping documents
We fill in and prepare all the necessary shipping documents and customs declarations for you, free of charge.

Flexible stock management
You can store your items in our warehouse for 60 days free of charge. You can also manage the stock yourself and decide when to pack and where to ship your items.

Cost efficient

Low, flat service fee
Our service fee is flat and simple. We charge only 500 JPY per item type purchased. For example, if you buy 2 identical T-shirts, our service fee will still be 500 JPY, but if you buy 2 different T-shirts, we will charge service fee for each of them (1,000 JPY).

Free consolidation and repacking
Shipment consolidation is included in our service fee. Using ZenMarket, you can save a lot on international shipping if you buy from multiple shops.

Free shipping insurance
We will pay for your shipping insurance if you ship with EMS, Avia or SAL. For FedEx and other shipping methods, the optional insurance fee will be charged separately.

Flexible shipping methods
Although EMS is the most popular shipping method, Japanese EMS does not send to a number of countries. We use a variety of shipping methods to assure your purchased items are delivered to any address worldwide.

You decide the exchange rate
All items on ZenMarket are calculated in Japanese Yen. You can pay in JPY, or in any currency that could be converted to JPY according to your bank's exchange rate.


Perfect reputation
We have served thousands of customers, and nearly all of them give us the highest satisfaction marks in their testimonials.

Safe packaging
Japanese online shops typically do not pack shipments securely, because Japanese domestic delivery services handle parcels with great care.  For international shipping, that is not enough to prevent damage. We will safely repack your parcels for free to make sure they can undergo international shipping with minimal risk.

Customer support
Our support desk works 6 days a week to answer all your questions.

Pre-shipment photos
Before shipping internationally, to confirm the condition of purchased items, we can take their photos send them to you. This optional service costs 500 JPY. You can select this option when placing the order.

You can check the full breakdown of your expenses: all the prices and all the operations regarding your items are visible from your account.