[July 12th Update] Parcels temporarily suspended to Sri Lanka

Japan post has temporarily suspended parcels to Sri Lanka due to an ongoing postal strike.
News | 29/06/2018 |

What Japanese Mascot Am I?

What Yuru-kyara Am I?
Article | 21/06/2018 | quizPop culture

Regarding DHL Packet Plus/Standard and DHL Direct

We regret to inform you that DHL eCommerce Japan--the carrier providing such shipping methods as DHL Packet Plus/Standard and DHL Direct--is leaving Japan in July.
News | 20/06/2018 | ZenMarket

Our Favorite Ramen From Around Japan

Discover some of the most famous ramens in Japan, and why they're special.
News | 18/06/2018 | FoodZenmarketplace

Gackt Store on ZenMarketplace

Gackt the international Japanese superstar has opened a store on ZenMarketplace, allowing fans from all over the world to purchase his book.

(6/29 update) Changes for parcels bound for Australia: GST

Due to changes in Australian law ZenMarket as an overseas business that ships goods to Australia is now obliged to collect GST (Goods and Services Tax) from Australian customers
News | 11/06/2018 |

New ZenMarket Credit System

We wanted to thank our loyal customers with a more efficient way to shop! Behold the credit system, which allows you to make purchases without first adding funds.
News | 06/06/2018 | Tutorial