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At ZenMarket you will find great products from Japan. Bid on Yahoo! Auctions or buy directly from Amazon Japan and Rakuten.  

★Low service fee of ¥300 per product.

★Free package consolidation.

★Multiple payment methods - including PayPal, Wise, and Bank Transfer.

★Native English customer service.

★Receive a ¥300 gift when you register.

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Popular Categories

Anime Products

Discover all the manga, figures, games, cosplay, magazines, pins, etc... of your favorite animes: Demon Slayer, One Piece, Jojo, Jujutsu Kaisen, Sailor Moon, and many more!

Japanese Snacks

Discover the wide range of sweet and savory Japanese snacks: Pocky, KitKat, Mochi, Green Tea, Rice Crackers, and many more!


Japanese Fashion

Discover Japanese fashion: BAPE, SUPREME, Kimonos, Alt fashion, and many more!

Pokemon Cards

Discover Japanese Pokemon cards: Sword and Shield Box, Card Singles, Pikachu Illustrator Card, and many more!


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What is ZenMarket? ZenMarket is a shopping service that makes it easy to buy products from hundreds of the best Japanese online stores. Create a free account and discover all the offers from Japan.

With ZenMarket, you can freely browse the major Japanese shopping platforms integrated and translated on our site. You can add items to your ZenMarket cart from any other Japanese site, providing us with the URL link of the desired product. Our team will buy, pack and ship your order quickly and reliably. ZenMarket will only charge a small flat rate fee (Approx. 2.30 USD) per item.

The language barrier can be a great deterrent from shopping from Japan for many. If our automatic translation tools aren't enough, our native customer support staff will be happy to answer all of your questions or contact sellers on your behalf at no extra cost.