The Definitive Guide to Shimano Reels 2019

2019 looks to be a banner year for Shimano reels, from their premier Stella SW 2019 models to the Grappler CT, that allows you to control jig falling speeds! Find out all about the best reels from Shimano being released this year.
Article | 20/03/2019 | fishing

Our 5 Favorite Japanese Fishing Reels

Japanese reels have long been revered for their durability and quality. If you have been thinking about getting a reel, look no further! We round up our 5 favorite reels to help you make the best choice.
Article | 05/02/2019 | Sportfishing

7 Best Japanese Fishing Gear 2018

Winter is here! It's time to buy some warm fishing wear to stop you from freezing. Warm and comfortable wear is no more important than choosing the best fishing rod for you. Here are some of the best fishing gear on the Japanese market right now.
Article | 17/12/2018 | fishingSport


This is our guide to Japanese fishing tackle sites that we recommend. We hope that this information will help new customers to understand what options there are and what to expect, and for those "experienced users" to learn even more about other opportunities they may be missing.
Article | 06/12/2018 | Tutorialfishing

How To Purchase From Yellowfish

Yellowfish is a popular Japanese fishing shop that specializes in selling used fishing rods and reels. It has a huge selection of items at very affordable prices. We teach you how to use this wonderful website to buy quality reels for cheap!
Article | 24/02/2016 | How to?TutorialfishingSport

How To Buy From Caster House

Caster House is one of Japan’s largest and best online fishing shops. If you are looking for high-quality Japanese reels and tackles, this is one of the best places to get them. We teach you how to purchase from this store!
Article | 12/02/2015 | How to?TutorialfishingSport