How does your payment system work?

You can make any payment in ZenMarket with the money in your account you have deposited. If you buy from shops, you can deposit after you receive a quote. However, PayPal transactions may take several hours or more because they sometimes check transactions. A bank transfer usually takes several days. To start bidding on auctions, you are required to make a deposit first. You can use your deposit for all payments within ZenMarket: paying for goods, bidding on auctions, or paying for international shipping. You can withdraw your money from your ZenMarket account anytime if you don't need it there.

When do I have to pay for items and shipping fees?

If you want to order goods from Japanese online marketplaces, our staff will first check your order and will send you a quote. If you are fine with the quote, you can proceed with the payment. If you want to bid on Yahoo! auctions, you should first deposit funds equaling no less than your maximum bid amount. Once your items from stores or auctions arrive at our warehouse and get packed, we will bill you for international shipping.

How much money should I add to my deposit?

When you purchase goods from Japanese online marketplaces, you will need a deposit large enough to cover the amount in the quote. However, you don't really need to make a deposit before your order. You can do so after the item price or the domestic shipping cost is charged.
If you want to make a bid on an auction, please deposit enough funds to cover your maximum bid and the ZenMarket service fee (300 yen). Please use our Fee Calculator to estimate the total cost if you can guess the size and the weight of the items.

Can I withdraw funds left on my balance?

You can withdraw funds left on your balance within 180 days from your last payment if you paid with PayPal, or with your credit or debit card (via Stripe). The withdrawal amount should not exceed the total amount of your payments made through the payment system during the last 180 days. If a withdrawal is made within 180 days from your last payment, the fee incurred for depositing those funds will also be refunded to you. To withdraw funds please go to the payment tab on "My Account" and push the "Withdraw" button.
Withdrawals are made manually, so it may take a couple of days to process.

Please note: You can only withdraw funds to the same account you used to add funds to your balance. For example, you can not add funds by PayPal and withdraw using Stripe or vice versa. You also can not add funds with one PayPal account and withdraw to a different one.
* During a withdrawal, no ZenMarket commission fee is taken. However, in some rare cases, the amount of the withdrawal might slightly differ from the amount that you paid when charging funds into your ZenMarket account. This may happen due to currency fluctuation, your bank system fees, or other various factors that aren't related to ZenMarket.

What methods of payment are available? Which is preferable?

You can add funds to your deposit by debit card or credit card* (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro) directly through our website (via Stripe) or via PayPal. Also you can add funds from you PayPal account, an international bank transfer, or Alipay (Chinese customers). If you make small payments, the fastest and cheapest method is credit card or PayPal. If you want to deposit more than 100,000 yen, it would be cheaper to use an international bank transfer, but it can take 3-4 days.

Are there any payment gateway fees?

There are no payment gateway fees. However, we charge a ZenMarket deposit fee. It is a flat rate for all payment methods except bank transfer.
When paying via an international bank transfer (SWIFT wire transfer), JPY 2,000 is charged and there will probably be additional fees charged by your bank or the intermediate bank. These fees are not disclosed, therefore, it’s not estimated beforehand.

How do you calculate the deposit fee? I added 3.5% but got a different amount.

Deposit fee is 3.5% of the total transaction amount, not of the amount you wish to deposit.
Let’s say you want to deposit 1000 yen. It is not enough to take 3.5% of 1000 yen and add it. If you do so you will get 1035 yen. Because deposit fee is 3.5% of 1035 yen (36.3 yen), only 999 yen will be deposited to your account. This is why your calculations might be a bit different. The same principle applies to wire bank transfers and other payment methods charging a percentage of the transaction amount.

All prices are shown in JPY, but can I pay in USD or any other currency?

We only accept Japanese yen, but your card or account can be in any currency. When you pay by PayPal, all your payments will automatically be converted to JPY based on the rate provided by PayPal or your bank account.

What is the conversion rate to JPY from my local currency?

When you pay by PayPal, your payment is converted from your local currency to Japanese yen by PayPal automatically. You can check the conversion rate on the PayPal website. You can also set the exchange rate to be your bank rate. Our website shows item prices in Japanese Yen, but you can check them in other currencies by clicking the button of the menu bar at the page top. However, please note that it's only for reference and we cannot guarantee its accuracy.
When you pay by debit/credit card, the rate provided by Stripe is applied.
When you pay by international bank transfer your payment will be converted to JPY by the current rate of your local bank on the day it arrives. We will add to your deposit exactly the amount transferred to our account in JPY, not the amount which was displayed on the payment screen.

How long does it take for money to reach my deposit?

For direct payments by cards (Stripe), PayPal, or Alipay (Chinese customers) your payment will be automatically added to your deposit in about 2 minutes. Sometimes the payment system may delay your payment for 24 hours if it looks suspicious. If 24 hours pass and your deposit is still not added, please contact us. If you pay by international bank transfer it may take 3-4 days. When you are going to make an international bank transfer, please inform us in advance, so we can identify your payment faster.

How can I check my payment history?

All your payments and refunds are displayed in the "Payments" tab on your account page.

Can I buy on credit?

Our frequent customers can make payments for some amount on credit. Customers who have credit, can buy goods or make bids on Yahoo! Auctions on credit. However, no items will be shipped to a customer with a negative balance.
The negative balance must be covered within one month (if not covered fully, certain measures will be taken including temporary or permanent suspension of the credit) .

As a rule, since June 2018 credit is applied automatically based on the number of parcels sent for the past year as provided below. Calculation (and, if applicable, change of credit limit) is made on the 1st of every month. If you have more questions, please see our ZenMarket Credit FAQs for details.

Credit amount (JPY)

Parcels sent

5 000


20 000


40 000


50 000


100 000


200 000


Please kindly note that automated crediting might not apply to a number of clients. ZenMarket reserves the right to withhold, change the amount or manually adjust conditions of the credit at our discretion.

I see negative numbers in my deposit. How is this possible?

Sometimes additional expenses are charged after purchasing. For example, when you buy items on auctions, in most cases domestic delivery fees and bank transfer fees are charged after you win. If your expense amount exceeds your deposit, it will be displayed as a negative number.

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