120 Days of FREE Storage

We now have 120 days of FREE storage for items in our warehouse.
News | 30/04/2020 | News

6 Japanese Ramen Types You Should Try

Ramen, ramen...where shall we begin? Ramen is everywhere, but what types should you try or give a miss? Find out here.
Article | 29/04/2020 | zenplusFood

Golden Week 2020 - Important Information

During this period, ZenMarket's office will remain open and we will continue to provide our usual services, but there may be a small delay in packing parcels.
News | 24/04/2020 | #news

How do I make a payment using cryptocurrencies on ZenMarket?

Adding cryptocurrency in your ZenMarket account is very simple and easy. You will be able to charge your account with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum safely through Coingate. Start your online shopping in Japan!
Article | 23/04/2020 | Tutorial

Top 7 Japanese Toys To Help You Get Through Quarantine

Are you starting to feel bored at home? We've picked out the best Japanese toys to keep your brain active while social distancing. Find out which seven we picked.
Article | 22/04/2020 | zenplusToys

5 Best Kids Anime that Every Adult Should Watch

To help you find some great titles to watch, this list will introduce five of the best kids anime that every adult should see at least once. Warning: The anime on this list have been known to tug on the heartstrings or bring on uncontrollable bouts of nostalgia.
Article | 20/04/2020 | Animeblog

10% Off Courier Shipping!

As a company, team and community - ZenMarket is going to be taking some immediate actions to help support you through the changes that have taken place recently due to COVID-19.
News | 14/04/2020 | News

TrustPilot Winners!

The team here at ZenMarket wanted to give a big "Thank You" to those of you that took the time to leave ZenMarket a review over on TrustPilot!
News | 13/04/2020 | News

Shipping Parcels: Alternative Option

ZenMarket will still be accepting packing requests for all destinations that are currently facing difficulties due to shipping suspensions.
News | 10/04/2020 | News

The 5 Best JRPGs of all Time That Every Otaku Must Try

Looking for a new game to play while you’re staying home during these periods of social distancing? Often featuring deep stories and averaging 30 - 80 hours of playing time, Japanese role-playing games are perfect for long days spent indoors. To help you dive into the genre, this article will introduce 5 of the Best JRPGs of all time that every gamer should try.
Article | 08/04/2020 |