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What are Japanese Lawsuit Guitars?

Have you heard of lawsuit guitars? Read more to find out what they are and whether you should buy one.
Article | 05/04/2024 | Musicguitar

Tips on Choosing Secondhand Guitar

Ever wondered what you should pay attention to when choosing a secondhand guitar? We asked a professional for his tips and insights.
Article | 05/04/2024 | Musicguitar

How to Choose A Guitar

With so many guitar brands worldwide, how do you choose which brand and what kind of guitar? Choosing the right guitar depends on a lot of factors like material, genre, price and playstyle. Discover the best Japanese guitar brands in this article and find the perfect guitar for you.
Article | 27/03/2024 | Musicguitar

Top Vintage Japanese Guitars

Most people can recognise the silhouettes of famous guitars, but what happens when they are copied by other brands? We will present vintage guitars imitating those from the 'lawsuit era' and beyond!
Article | 12/12/2023 | guitarMusic

How to Purchase from Universal Music Japan

Want to get the latest merch from your favorite bands and artists from Japan? You need to shop from Universal Music Japan. And ZenMarket has you covered. Read our full guide on how to use ZenMarket to buy exclusive Japanese band merch and music directly from Universal Music Japan!
Article | 30/10/2023 | MusicAnime

Rocking Anime & Manga Shelves is Bocchi the Rock!

"Bocchi the Rock!" has taken the world by storm. Whether the manga or the anime, here's why it's become such a roaring success...
Article | 06/10/2023 | MusicAnime

Koto: The Sound of Traditional Japanese Courts

The Koto is one of Japan's most iconic traditional instruments, heard in movies, anime, modern songs and many more. Join us as we explore the Koto's rich history & cultural impact, from its origins through the centuries to its use in modern music today!
Article | 15/09/2023 | Music

Shamisen: The Japanese Banjo with an Iconic Twang

Have you ever wondered what instrument gives that unique-sounding twang to Japanese music? We explain all you need to know about the Japanese Shamisen right here!
Article | 15/09/2023 | Music

This Thing is a Flute! Introducing the Japanese Shō

Have you ever wondered what kind of music was performed for the ancient Imperial Court in Japan? This strange-shaped bamboo pipe mouth organ is one of the instruments used by the Imperial ensemble. Introducing: the Shō flute!
Article | 15/09/2023 | Music

Traditional Instruments From Japan

You've heard of Japan's rich musical culture and unique instruments, right? Here we'll introduce you to some of Japan's most-loved traditional musical instruments!
Article | 15/09/2023 | Music