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Get to know Ado, the vocalist of One Piece Film: RED UTA.

We'll introduce you to Ado, the amazing singer behind One Piece Film: Red's UTA, including a list of every song in the movie!
Article | 11/08/2022 | Anime/MangaMusic

Who is Sawano Hiroyuki: [Songs, Lyrics, Anime, Collaborations]

Want to know more about the famous composer Sawano Hiroyuki from hit anime shows like Attack on Titan? Check out our blog on everything you need to know about Sawano Hiroyuki!
Article | 19/07/2021 | Music

Who is One Ok Rock: [Popularity, Members, Merch]

Want to know more about the Japanese sensation that is One OK Rock? Check out our blog post for everything you need to know about the music super starts!
Article | 13/07/2021 | Music

What is Babymetal: [Genre, Age, Idols, Popularity, Fans]

Interested in the world phenomenon BabyMetal? Learn everything you need to know to get started with the musical powerhouse that is Babymetal!
Article | 14/06/2021 | Music

How To Buy Vinyl Records From Japan?

Looking to buy vinyl records from Japan? Check out our step-by-step guide!
Article | 13/11/2020 | Music

BanG Dream is a Bop! But Which Band Should I Listen To?

What BanG Dream band should you support? We take an in-depth look into the history, music styles, and members of all of the groups.
Article | 02/10/2019 | AnimezenplusMusic

What To Buy For Father's Day: Our Ultimate Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your dad? We've got you covered! We make choosing a gift for your dad easy with our ultimate gift guide.

7 Quirky K-POP Fandom Light Sticks

Today, you can't have K-Pop without Fandom Lightsticks
Article | 08/01/2019 | Music

Get Clothes From BABYMETAL's Apparel Brand BMD FOX APPAREL

You can purchase BMD FOX APPAREL through ZenMarket and get it shipped worldwide! Learn how.
Article | 07/11/2018 | FashionMusic


We have all 7 K-POP Season's Greetings 2019 calendar sets. Each set comes with a desk calendar, s diary, an A4 poster set, a sticker set, an accordion calendar, a DVD and extra additional items.
Article | 02/11/2018 | MusicPop culture