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What is Pokemon Concierge?

We have taken a look at the new Netflix Pokemon Show: Pokemon Concierge. See what we found out!
Article | 11/04/2024 | PokemonPokemon GOAnime

Exploring the Excitement: Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action

Get the inside scoop on the highly anticipated Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix adaptation. What to expect, cast, and more!
Article | 11/04/2024 | Anime

What Is Seinen? - Need to Know Guide

We breakdown everything you need to know about the genre of Seinen and why it might become your favorite kind of manga to read. 
Article | 22/02/2024 | Animemanga

Everything You Need to Know About JUJUTSU KAISEN

An introduction to Jujutsu Kaisen and all you need about the anime. ZenMarket also helps you get your hands on all the Jujutsu Kaisen Merchandise!
Article | 28/12/2023 | AnimeAnime/Manga

All About Initial D (With Car Models Explained)

Initial D is one of the best car anime in history. If you are interested in cars, learn everything about Initial D in this article.
Article | 19/12/2023 | Anime

Best 20 Car and Racing Anime Of All Time Rated

Initial D, MF Ghost, Wangan Midnight....If you are not sure which car racing anime to start with, read our guide here for the best 20 car and racing anime of all times!
Article | 19/12/2023 | Anime

How To Buy From Animate Online Shop

The Animate Shop is the Pot of Gold for every Anime, Manga, or Video Game Lover. The official No.1 retailer from Japan is now HERE for YOU on ZenMarket.
Article | 08/12/2023 | AnimeTutorial

Get Visual Novels Straight From Japan! First Editions, Dakimakuras, and More

In a world where digital purchases are being region-locked increasingly more often, importing physical copies of visual novels and their Merchandise is not easy, but through ZenMarket everything is possible. The only difficult part is making sure that your language skills are up to reading them when they arrive! ;)
Article | 07/12/2023 | Animemanga

Best Sports Anime All-time (and Why You Should Watch Them)

Japan is the origin of anime and in this blog we will focus on one popular anime category - sports anime! Find out what are the best sports anime to watch based on popular sports and why you should watch them.
Article | 02/11/2023 | SportAnime

How to Purchase from Universal Music Japan

Want to get the latest merch from your favorite bands and artists from Japan? You need to shop from Universal Music Japan. And ZenMarket has you covered. Read our full guide on how to use ZenMarket to buy exclusive Japanese band merch and music directly from Universal Music Japan!
Article | 30/10/2023 | MusicAnime