5 Questions with Bakasoseji

Find out Bakasoseji's cosplay inspirations and much more in our latest interview.

#ZenMarket and WIN $50

Win $50 by sharing a photo on Instagram or Twitter.
Article | 22/08/2018 | Contest

[Giveaway Winner] ZenMarket's Attack on Titan Giveaway

Thank you for all of your interest in our Attack on Titan Giveaway! The winner is...
Article | 21/08/2018 | Giveaway

Tomita Ramen 2018

What's so special about Tomita ramen?
Article | 20/08/2018 | Food

5 Questions With Pinstripe Cosplay

Find out Pinstripe Cosplay's inspirations and much more in our latest interview.

Japanese Robot Wars

Learn about one of the biggest Robot contests in the world.

[Giveaway] Win an Attack on Titan Watch

Win a limited edition Attack on Titan watch. Learn how to enter.
Article | 15/08/2018 | Giveaway

20th Anniversary Pure Gold Yu-Gi-Oh Card 🌟

Big news! We're lucky enough to have one of the five hundred 20th Anniversary "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Yu-Gi-Oh pure gold cards on ZenMarketplace. Don't miss out on this chance to get it.

Comiket 94 Cosplayers 2018

Here are our favorite cosplay from Comiket 94. The sizzling Tokyo heat definitely didn't stop these talented cosplayers from attending this summer's Comiket (Comic Market 94).

Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Products

Shonen Jump has released some special commemorative items that are now available on ZenMarketplace.