The Essential Guide To All Gunpla Kit Types

If you are looking for the RIGHT Gunpla kit for you, ZenMarket has you covered. This guide will help you find the BEST kit for you.
Article | 03/10/2019 | Toyszenplusgunplagundam

BanG Dream is a Bop! But Which Band Should I Listen To?

What BanG Dream band should you support? We take an in-depth look into the history, music styles, and members of all of the groups.
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Happy Birthday to ZenPop!

ZenPop, the subscription box service from ZenMarket, is celebrating its 3rd birthday! Join their massive month of prize giveaways and find out more about this awesome service.
News | 01/10/2019 | ZenpopGiveaway

How to buy Lolita Clothing from Japan

Are you looking to purchase lolita clothing from Japan? Here's our complete guide on buying your favorite Lolita brands no matter where you are in the world.
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Official Rizin Fighting Federation International Store on ZenPlus

Shop RIZIN's official international store on ZenPlus. Get all your fighting merch shipped anywhere in the world. 3% cashback and no fees on everything!
Article | 26/09/2019 | Sportzenplus

What is Demon Slayer and why should I watch it?

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is one of the highest-rated anime of 2019, but should you watch it? Here's a spoiler-free guide on what it is all about.
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How To Save Money By Buying Pre-Loved Bags From Japan

Buying bags from Japan might lead you to some treasures that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Here are a few tricks on how to save money by buying pre-loved bags from Japan.
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Top 5 Japanese Drugstore Face Washes

NEED the right face wash for your skin? Just for you, ZenMarket found the best Drug Store brands on the market. Read More.
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Notice About Consumption Tax in Japan

Due to changes in the Japanese Consumption Tax law, effective from October 1st, 2019, the tax will increase from 8% to 10%.
News | 18/09/2019 | News

Singing, aliens, intersellar combat? What is Macross all about?

What makes this Japanese science-fiction franchise one of the most popular in the world? Our ZenPlus team dive into the world of Macross to see what it is all about.
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