TrustPilot Winners!

The team here at ZenMarket wanted to give a big "Thank You" to those of you that took the time to leave ZenMarket a review over on TrustPilot!
News | 13/04/2020 | News

Shipping Parcels: Alternative Option

ZenMarket will still be accepting packing requests for all destinations that are currently facing difficulties due to shipping suspensions.
News | 10/04/2020 | News

The 5 Best JRPGs of all Time That Every Otaku Must Try

Looking for a new game to play while you’re staying home during these periods of social distancing? Often featuring deep stories and averaging 30 - 80 hours of playing time, Japanese role-playing games are perfect for long days spent indoors. To help you dive into the genre, this article will introduce 5 of the Best JRPGs of all time that every gamer should try.
Article | 08/04/2020 |

9 Weirdest Things on Amazon Japan

From anime hologram concerts to live octopus meals and owl cafes, Japanese culture and pop culture is unlike any other country in the world. Without a doubt, Japan is a country filled with countless unique things.
Article | 03/04/2020 |

Happy 6th Birthday !

It's April 1st and ZenMarket turned 6 years old today! Happy Birthday Everyone!
News | 01/04/2020 | News

Win Animal Crossing: New Horizons with ZenPlus

To help you get through this time, ZenPlus is giving away a physical copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. Read more to learn how to win it.
Article | 27/03/2020 | Giveawaygamingzenplus

What is the Animal Crossing Japanese Name?

Ever wondered what the Japanese name of "Animal Crossing" was and what it means? Click here to find out how this critical acclaim Japanese franchise was originally named and the inspiration behind it.

COVID-19: 45 Days of Extra Storage

In light of the on-going Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we want to give our customers one less thing to worry about and help ensure you all stay safe during this time of uncertainty. Due to many of our customers living in countries that are enforcing or recommending self-isolation in an attempt to quarantine the spread of COVID-19, ZenMarket will be adding an additional 45 days of (FREE) storage to everyone, no matter the country.
News | 25/03/2020 | News

Manga in Japanese: 3 Manga to read | Manga Market

One of the most effective ways to supercharge your Japanese language abilities is to start reading in Japanese! Learning Japanese is no easy task. For the average person, it will take a least 2 years before you even get close to feeling comfortable calling yourself "fluent" in the language.