Best Sports Anime All-time (and Why You Should Watch Them)

Japan is the origin of anime and in this blog we will focus on one popular anime category - sports anime! Find out what are the best sports anime to watch based on popular sports and why you should watch them.
Article | 02/11/2023 | SportAnime

How to Purchase from Universal Music Japan

Want to get the latest merch from your favorite bands and artists from Japan? You need to shop from Universal Music Japan. And ZenMarket has you covered. Read our full guide on how to use ZenMarket to buy exclusive Japanese band merch and music directly from Universal Music Japan!
Article | 30/10/2023 | MusicAnime

Rocking Anime & Manga Shelves is Bocchi the Rock!

"Bocchi the Rock!" has taken the world by storm. Whether the manga or the anime, here's why it's become such a roaring success...
Article | 06/10/2023 | MusicAnime

How to buy from Shounen Jump Shop?

Here you can go through the step by step tutorial on how to buy from Jump Shop Japan! You can buy merch of famous shonen jump series such as, one piece, jujutsu kaisen, dragon ball, Oshinoko, Dragon Quest and many more!
Article | 29/09/2023 | AnimeAnime/Manga

Cute Sanrio Crossover Merch You Must Have!

Sanrio has been collaborating with a wide variety of brands over the years, including fashion brands, food and beverage brands, and technology companies. Learn about other brands that Sanrio has collaborated with and some of which you probably didn't know you need.
Article | 26/09/2023 | SanrioAnimeMerchandise

Top Sites For Anime/Character Collaboration Goods

Looking for anime collaboration merchandise? Want to buy collaboration goods that are only available in Japan? Read more for where to shop online for anime and character collaboration goods in Japan.
Article | 20/09/2023 | AnimeAnime/Manga

The Ultimate Guide to Comiket

Read and learn everything you need to know about Comiket's history, activities, dates and many more. We delved deeper for all the information we can find about Comiket for everyone who is interested in going to Comiket or just out of curiosity alone.
Article | 02/08/2023 | AnimeAnime/Mangamanga

How to buy from Mandarake tutorial

Follow the steps in our guide to learn how you can order from Mandarake, Japan's most popular anime and manga shopping store, and have it shipped to your address. The Mandarake shopping guide and detailed explanations you need are on our ZenMarket blog!


A lot of you have been asking us, "What are the best Japanese online shopping sites to buy anime & manga from?". Here are our top 7 Japanese sites for anime or manga.
Article | 22/06/2023 | shoppingAnime

The Full Guide to Character Themed Cafes You Must Visit in Japan (Top 20 Character Cafes in Japan)

A full list of Top 20 Character Cafes you need to visit in Japan. From Pokémon to Final Fantasy. Japan has brought a lot of character designs to our lives. Immerse in the cuteness of themed cafes in Japan. ZenMarket gives you the A Full Guide of Character Cafes in Japan. Read more and dine at your favorite character's café in Japan.