Shipping Delays: What happened last Wednesday?

Why on Wednesday (June, 17th) did ZenMarket's Marketing team not respond or post any new content to our social media? 
News | 19/06/2020 | News

8 places you can use Bitcoin in Japan

With decades of experience living in Japan and a little bit of research, the team here at ZenMarket put together a list of places you may want to check out if you plan to spend your hard mined crypto coins on your next visit to Japan. 

Found A Mask?

If you received your parcel recently, you might have found something there that you didn’t expect...
News | 20/05/2020 | News

TrustPilot Winners - Round 2!

We did it again! We have chosen more winners from those of you that left ZenMarket a TrustPilot review. You can check out the winners here!
News | 19/05/2020 | News

DHL-eC Shipping is Back!

We are happy to announce that we are bringing back DHL eCommerce! As of today, ZenMarket will be implementing Packet Plus (PPS) and Packet Standard (PKD).
News | 13/05/2020 | News

Courier Shipping - 10% Off Extended

we are happy to announce today, that ZenMarket will continue to pay 10% of your courier shipping fees until May 31st!
News | 01/05/2020 | News

120 Days of FREE Storage

We now have 120 days of FREE storage for items in our warehouse.
News | 30/04/2020 | News

10% Off Courier Shipping!

As a company, team and community - ZenMarket is going to be taking some immediate actions to help support you through the changes that have taken place recently due to COVID-19.
News | 14/04/2020 | News

TrustPilot Winners!

The team here at ZenMarket wanted to give a big "Thank You" to those of you that took the time to leave ZenMarket a review over on TrustPilot!
News | 13/04/2020 | News

Shipping Parcels: Alternative Option

ZenMarket will still be accepting packing requests for all destinations that are currently facing difficulties due to shipping suspensions.
News | 10/04/2020 | News