How to Buy From Rakuma Japan

Are you looking for a great deal on second hand items? Or maybe you are looking to discover some rare goods that just aren't available in-store anymore? Or perhaps you are looking for Japanese prize merch that has never been available for sale in-store? Look no further. Rakuma, the online flea market operated by Rakuten, has a huge selection of products listed by Japanese people in Japan.


Buy from Rakuma Japan with ZenMarket!


Why buy from Rakuma Japan?

What are the advantages of buying from Rakuma Japan? 

We spoke about it in our Rakuma announcement blog, but let's summarize that here.

  1. Tens of thousands of new listings for a huge variety of items uploaded everyday
  2. Despite most listings being for second hand or used items, the quality and condition is typically very good
  3. Many items are often no longer available in store or are hard to find, making Rakuma a treasure trove of rare and vintage items
  4. The item prices tend to be much more affordable than equivalent purchases in other countries

What does this mean for you?

To put it simply, you can find great quality items, often at lower prices than you can find anywhere else, for items that may not be available anywhere else. 

Want to start shopping on Rakuma?

We know that buying from a Japanese online marketplace, and a second hand one at that, can be difficult, especially if you do not speak Japanese. With ZenMarket, buying from Rakuma is easy. Continue reading, and we'll show you how.



Rakuma Step-by-Step Shopping Guide


1. Access Rakuma directly on ZenMarket

First, simply click on the Rakuma tab at the top of the ZenMarket website to browse various product categories on Rakuma.  

Shop Rakuma Japan with ZenMarket!

Rakuma has been built directly into the ZenMarket website, meaning you can shop Rakuma directly on ZenMarket, without the hassle of going onto another website and switching between tabs. Now you can browse all your favorite Japanese products in many of languages available on ZenMarket, such as English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, and many more!

Buy from Rakuma Japan with ZenMarket!


Just so you know, to get the great deals on Rakuma Japan, you will need to have a ZenMarket account. If you're not already registered, don’t forget to sign up. Its free, and only takes a few seconds!  

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2. Search Rakuma for your favorite Japanese products

If you are happy just browsing, our Rakuma page has so many listing categories for you to check out, but if you already have a particular item in mind, you can simply search for it! To find what you are looking for, select “Rakuma” from the drop-down list next to the search bar located on the top of our website, enter your desired item, and hit the search button.

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


NOTE: Product names are automatically translated - this means that sometimes, search results may not be what you expect. Searching in Japanese typically yields better results.  

If you prefer, you can also browse the Rakuma website directly and when you find an item you like, copy + paste the URL into the ZenMarket search bar.

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


If you are having difficulty finding the item you are looking for, try using some of our handy tips, or if that fails, contact our customer support service either from your account or the help page.


3. Browse the available Rakuma listings

Once you have started your search, the Rakuma listings will show on the ZenMarket website. You will see the product image as well as the price in your selected currency. 

As previously mentioned, there are thousands of listings and sellers on Rakuma, which means that sometimes there will be too many results to go through! In these cases, you can use our category filters to zero in on the type of item you are after.  

 Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


If you are having trouble finding the item you are looking for, you can try to refine it by filtering even further using any of the subcategory filters in the sidebar or by adjusting your search terms. As always, if you would like assistance, don't hesitate to ask! 


4. View the Rakuma Listing on ZenMarket

Once you've found an item you want to buy, click on it, and you will be brought to the listing page on ZenMarket. 

On this page, you will find a lot of different kinds of information, such as additional item photos, available colors, item descriptions, and the seller name. Please note that item descriptions are automatically translated from Japanese and are not 100% accurate. Often, it will also indicate whether shipping within Japan is free.

Please note that the shipping cost may not show at all depending on the shipping method the seller has chosen. 

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


Domestic shipping for items is often included in the price, however in some rare cases the seller sets their shipping fee to "cash on delivery".

In these cases, ZenMarket will not know the shipping fee until the item arrives at our warehouse, at which point we will pay for it, and deduct the amount from the balance of your ZenMarket account.

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


You will also find links to the original page on Rakuma, as well as to a ZenMarket search page that features the seller's other items.

You can look up the seller's name on Rakuma to see if they are reliable.

The simplest way to do this is to click the "This item page on Rakuma" link, scroll down past product information and payment options to the seller's name, then click on it or the button below it.

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


You will then arrive on the seller's profile page. The reviews will be written in Japanese but you will be able to see the seller's overall rating to the left of your screen (if viewing on desktop).

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


For Google Chrome users who wish to read the review content, you can right click anywhere on the page, then click Translate to English (this option defaults to the language set on your Chrome browser). Be aware, the result that comes out is an automatic translation by Google, and may not be 100% accurate.

Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


It is always recommended to double check a seller's ratings and reviews - if you are unsure, you can always ask us.

Another cool feature available on this page is the ability to add sellers to your ZenMarket watchlist. You can use this by clicking the "Add seller to watchlist" link under the seller's name.

This allows you to access a seller's listings quickly in future. This is particularly useful if you find a seller who frequently lists rare merch or items you don't want to miss out on.

  Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


 Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


It is best to make sure you are logged into your ZenMarket account before clicking this button.

Don't have a ZenMarket Account? 

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5. Add items to your cart

When you're ready to buy, simply enter any comments about the item you would like to convey to our support team, and click the "Add to cart" button.

PLEASE NOTE: Rakuma listings are uploaded by private sellers in the vast majority of cases. As a result most items are available as is, and cannot be adjusted. If a single, S size, blue sweater is added to the cart, but you say "this, but in red", or "M size please", or request a quantity greater than one, we will not be able to place the order, as those requests are outside of what is available.

Also, ZenMarket can not negotiate the price of the item - the price set by the seller is final. If you ask us to negotiate a different price, we will not be able to.

 Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


Now all you need to do is wait for our super support staff to check the item. They will let you know via your account once they have confirmed the item's price and availability. 

TIP: Make sure you check all available images and read all item descriptions carefully to check that the item is how you would like it before you order. We will accept claims of "not as described" only for item purchases that opt-in to our photo service option.


6. Pay for your items

Once the item has been checked by our support team, its status will change from "Being checked by ZenMarket" to Available for Purchase. You can still cancel your items at this point if you wish. You will then be able to pay for the item. Once your item has been paid for we will be unable to cancel your item, so please do so at this stage if necessary.

 Shopping on Rakuma Japan is easy with ZenMarket!


When the item has been paid for, we will purchase it from the Rakuma seller, then have it shipped to our warehouse in Osaka, Japan. From here you can either store it for free (up to 45 days), consolidate it with other items you have ordered (free), or organize international shipping for your item(s).

Please be aware that multiple purchases from the same seller can not be consolidated for domestic shipping within Japan. Once items arrive at our warehouse, we can consolidate them together for shipping internationally.

NOTE: Once you click the pay button our purchasing team will spring into action to make your purchase. Once this process has begun we are unable to cancel your purchase. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please do so before paying for your items.

If you want to check the condition of the items you ordered before consolidating them and shipping from Japan to your country, you can order our photo service. ZenMarket will take photos of your item for you to see to assist you in deciding what you would like to do with your item.

You can also opt-in to have your parcel reinforced, and made stronger - this may be useful if you are shipping particularly fragile items. You can see some of our optional services here.

And that is all the info you need to start purchasing items from Rakuma Japan! If you're ready to start shopping, you can get started now!

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