Japan's largest online auction site with more than 5 million items sold daily. Individuals and stores offer new or used items for all budgets. 

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Prices can be significantly cheaper than online stores.
  • You can find rare items that can not be found on other online stores.



  • You can not cancel your bid.
  • You can not refuse to pay after winning an auction. 
  • You can not return your item and get a refund in case of any problem. 

How To Bid

To start searching for items to bid on, you can click on "Yahoo Auctions" or by choosing Yahoo Auctions in the search box.

How to bid on ZenMarket

How to bid by choosing categories

On the auction search page you will find the following information, the auction name, If the item is new or used, the duration of the auction, the current price. Some auctions have an "instant purchase" price, which means you can buy the item immediately. You can also use the filters, to help you find your items quickly.


Before bidding, please check the following information:

  • The condition of the item - make sure to check the condition of the item before placing an offer
  • Sales time - please ensure that you have enough time to add funds to your account in order to place an      auction
  • Bid numbers - they indicate the popularity of this item among buyers. If the number of auctions is high, it will certainly be more difficult to win the auction.
  • Vendor Notice - Check seller comments by clicking on the arrows below his name. It is not recommended to place bids if the seller has more than 10% negative reviews. Domestic shipping costs - if not mentioned in the description, it means that the seller will include it after the purchase.
  • VAT - some sellers charge an extra 10% of the item price. These fees are indicated in the description.

Please note that the description is automatically translated into English. If you have any doubts or questions about the product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Choose the amount and type of offer and validate the general terms and conditions of use before placing the auction.


Automatic Bid

It is set based on your maximum bid. The price will increase automatically from the minimum increment as soon as an overbid. If your maximum bid is reached, you are automatically refunded. (the amount cannot be refunded once programmed)


Sniper Bidding

* Prerequisite: Some Yahoo bids have an automatic 5-minute extension of an auction bid in the last 5 minutes (this option is visible on the "Automatic Extend: Yes / No" bid page. The auction sniper is an automatic bid within 6 to 5 minutes before the end of the auction in case of automatic extension and from 2 to 1 min in the case of classic bids. bid price and will increase according to the minimum increment. In case of an equal amount between several bidders, it is the first bidder who wins the auction.

You can also watch our video tutorial below:



Have fun and good luck bidding!


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