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ZenMarket's NATSU24 Shipping Campaign
the more you shop, the more you save!

Ship a parcel with a value of ¥16,000 or more to get 11% off international shipping


Ship a parcel with a value of ¥23,000 or more to get 17% off international shipping!


Total discount amount is uncapped. See terms & conditions for details.


See terms & conditions below!

When you create your parcel, after choosing all the products you want to consolidate, "Price of items in the parcel" - or " Parcel value" will show up.

Price of items in the parcel consists of actual price of the items, not including shipping fee within Japan. 


During the payment process, use the code NATSU24 and the correct payment amount will be automatically displayed for you.

If you need further assistance, please contact ZenMarket staff via the Messages Tab of your ZenMarket account.

*Please check the following terms and conditions carefully to ensure you are eligible for and are able to use your discount:

Promo Period: July 13th 00:00 JST - July 27 23:59 JST

Eligible Shipping Methods: All available shipping methods except Surface.

Users who ship an eligible parcel with a value of at least 16,000 JPY during the promo period can enjoy a discount of 11% - 17% of the international shipping fee of the parcel.

  • The discount % is decided by the value of the parcel being shipped.
    • Tier 1 = 11% Discount. Parcels with a value between 16,000 JPY and 22,999 JPY inclusive.
    • Tier 2 = 17% Discount. Parcels with a value of 23,000 JPY or greater.

Participating Regions: All destinations that can be shipped to with an eligible shipping method except Russia and Belarus. 

  • Promo Code only applies to parcels paid for during the Promo Period. Enter the promo code when paying for shipping during this period to receive the shipping discount. Parcels paid for outside of the promo period will not be eligible for a discount.
  • Only parcels shipped using an Eligible Shipping Method can receive the discount. Parcels shipped using any other shipping method will not be eligible for the discount.
  • Parcels with a value of less than 16,000 JPY will not be eligible for a discount.
  • Promo Code only applies to parcels sent to participating regions (see above). The parcel must be shipped to one of the Participating Regions. Parcels bound for regions other than those listed above are not eligible to receive the discount.
  • The total discount amount will be based on the actual shipping fee, and the parcel value discount tier of the parcel being paid for at the time of using the code. The discount amount is uncapped.
  • Once the promo code is used and the eligible parcel has been paid for, the parcel cannot be altered in any way. If alterations, including but not limited to cancellation of the parcel, repacking of the parcel, or the addition of extra items are made, the shipping discount may be void.
  • Each user can use the Promo Code only once. Discount applies to only 1 parcel per account.
  • Users are allowed to have only one ZenMarket account. Users found to have multiple ZenMarket accounts will be deemed in direct breach of the Terms & Conditions and therefore ineligible for the discount.
  • Promo Codes can not be exchanged for ZenMarket funds or any monetary value.
  • Please make sure to check shipping methods' forbidden items before creating your parcel(s)
  • Please note that the parcel packing process might take 2~3 business days or more. To ensure you can use the Promo Code within the Promo Period, we recommend that you make a package in advance of the promotion ending (3~4 business days).