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How does Obon affect shipping?

The Japanese Summer continues and through the heat and humidity we hear the chirping of cicadas and the occasional "Atsui nee" from people on the street. Salarymen have loosened their neckties and tradespeople & Ojiisan alike have towels tucked into their T-shirts as they seek some relief from the weather.


loose necktie on businessman


As everyone clocks off from work they smile in anticipation of the cool, airconditioned home that awaits them as the holidays draw closer. 

I am of course talking about Obon Yasumi.



Obon Yasumi is one of three major holidays in Japan alongside Oshougatsu (New Year's) and Golden Week. Almost every worker in Japan will be able to take at least some time off during these three holidays, with many workers heading home for up to 9 days (if the weekends are timed well that year).


How will Obon Yasumi affect my ZenMarket order? [2022]

As you could expect, with so many workers taking time off, there will be personnel shortages in many industries, and logistics & shipping companies are no exception.

This almost always leads to delays when it comes to processing and delivering parcels and unfortunately ZenMarket will also be affected by this.

While we will do our absolute best to pack and ship your parcels as fast as we can with the staff we have available this week, please note that there will be some delays as a result of Obon Yasumi.

Please also note that Obon will cause similar delays for other Japanese businesses, including online stores, and Japan Post, so it may take slightly longer for items ordered to arrive at our warehouse, and for parcels to be picked up from our warehouse once we organize them for dispatch.

We expect Obon to impact shipping and processing times from August 11th until August 16th.

Please do not panic if your parcel arrives to our warehouse a few days later than anticipated - this is normal at this time of the year in Japan.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.



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News| 10/08/2022 | Newsshipping