Upupupu~ What Is Danganronpa?

Our spoiler-free introductory guide on precisely what Danganronpa is, and why thousands around the world love it.
Article | 22/08/2019 | zenplusAnimeToysgaming

Interview with Anime & Gaming YouTuber Rin Senpai

Get inspired by one of our current favorite YouTubers, Rinsenpai, as he shares what motivates him to stream and post videos, and many other most asked questions.
Article | 21/08/2019 | Pop cultureAnimegamingToys

Comiket Ultimate Guide: Touhou Project

All you need to know about Touhou Project at Comiket! We give you some tips, share our favorite things to do, and teach you how to get your hands on the best doujinshi goods no matter where you are in the world!
Article | 15/08/2019 | zenplusgamingToys

The 6 Best Retro Mini Japanese Consoles

Retro gaming is making a HUGE comeback thanks to the release of lots of retro mini consoles. We compared Japanese consoles to their US counterparts and compiled a list of the ones you must own.
Article | 14/08/2019 | zenplusToysgaming

Are You Ready Hunters? Diving Headfirst Into Monster Hunter

Are you wondering why Monster Hunter was voted one of the best games ever? We dive headfirst into what we love about the series.
Article | 05/08/2019 | zenplusToysgaming

Why Are Retro Games Making A Comeback?

Plenty of games are being remade on current generation consoles because many players are hoping to see their childhood characters come back to life again. Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 7, and Spyro have all made comebacks on the Playstation 4. Is there any game you’re hoping will be remade?
Article | 02/08/2019 | Toyszenplus

The Official SNK Store on ZenPlus

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the official SNK store on ZenPlus. From now on, you will be able to get all the latest SNK goods and merch directly on our site shipped worldwide!
Article | 25/07/2019 | gamingzenplusToys

Let The Auditions Begin! What Is Revue Starlight!?

Starting as a stage play and moving on as a manga, anime, and a mobile game, Revue Starlight has grown incredibly fast and continues its growth on all platforms!
Article | 24/07/2019 | zenplusAnimeToys

10 NES Games Any Fan Must Own

We’ve talked about SNK retro games, and have done several retro gaming giveaways, but we haven’t ranked our favorite games yet. We will start with listing our top 10 must-own NES games for any Nintendo fan.
Article | 27/06/2019 | Toyszenplus

8 Japanese Star Wars Goods You Must Get

Celebrate Star Wars day by treating yourself to some of the most unique and quirky Star Wars items that Japan has to offer! From Samurai figures to bento boxes, there is a little something for every fan.
Article | 01/05/2019 | Pop cultureToys