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PayPal Currency Conversion Rate – How to Save Some Money?

How to Change PayPal Currency Conversion Rate

ZenMarket bills you in Japanese yen, but you can pay in your local currency, using PayPal.
By default PayPal uses its own exchange rate to do the conversion from the local currency to Japanese yen.
PayPal exchange rate tends to be a bit higher than an average exchange rate. It means that you usually lose some money when you use the default exchange rate.
You can change the settings so that PayPal will use the exchange rate of the bank, which issued your credit/debit card. There is no guarantee that your bank's rate will be cheaper than PayPal's rate, but it tends to be a bit cheaper.

To change the exchange settings follow these steps:
- During the checkout, login to your PayPal account.
- Before submitting your payment click “Other Conversion Options”.
- Choose the second option: “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice”.
- Submit.

That it is all.
You can change it back, if it is not cheaper than PayPal's exchange rate.