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Japan’s Best Summer Festival Foods

Summertime is Japan is festival time! And the highlight of any matsuri is the FOOD! Add these 10 sweet and savory Japanese festival foods to your list for your next trip to Japan.

What is Obon?

Learn all about the Japanese holiday Obon & how the Japanese celebrate it.

3 Must-Visit Japanese Festivals

July is here! In Japan, it's the season to go out and celebrate. Here are our TOP 3 Summer Festivals, which one do you want to attend?

5 Different Types of Bento

Bento is a Japanese term to define a meal or snack to take away, presented in a box. Here we look at the different types of Bento in Japan.

5 Places To Visit During Golden Week

Golden Week is a holiday period varying from 7 to 10 days in April and May. Here we'll introduce you to our top 5 places to visit during Golden Week. 

5 Tips to Stay Warm in Japan

5 tips and techniques on how Japanese people survive the winter season.

Top 8 Traditional Japanese Toys

Over the years technology has been growing fast. Nowadays instead of going out together and be active people just waste time on their phones browsing internet and playing games. In today’s blog we will show you some of the Japanese traditional toys that you can enjoy with your family.

5 Handy Japanese Products for Every Day

Japan is a nation with an undeniably unique culture. The art, technology, and cuisine the country produces possess certain attributes that are distinctly Japanese. That said, it’s often easy to tell when something is made in Japan. While Japanese culture is often very fun and expressive, it can also be strange to an outsider who has little knowledge of the region’s customs. Here are some of the new trending items.

Fortune Cat Maneki Neko

Things you didn’t know about Japanese culture

Top 12 Japanese Products for Cat Lovers

For all cat lovers, here are 12 best cat-inspired products from the country of Hello Kitty and Neko Cafe!