New Credit System

We are happy to inform you, that we are adding a new option to our site purchase on credit.

From now on, if your account fulfills a certain quotation, you will be able to receive some credit. Making life easier as you won’t need to top up your balance before every purchase. You’ll be able to add funds whenever it’s convenient for you!

Customers who have ZenMarket credit, can buy goods or make bids on Yahoo! Auctions within the credit amount. This option will help our regular customers to shop easier and faster.  Until now, it has been in beta, but now we are happy to announce, that we will start this new automatic credit system on ZenMarket.

To receive credit, you have to send a specific amount of parcels through ZenMarket. Credit amount depends on how many parcels you sent in a year from May 2017. Conditions are as follows:


Credit amount (JPY)

Parcels sent

5 000


20 000


40 000


50 000


100 000


200 000



Every month our system will automatically count sent parcels. If your account is eligible for the credit it will be applied to your account.


If the amount of sent parcels decreases, the credit amount will be lowered or removed.

Please note, that credit has to be fully covered, before international shipping. Therefore, no items will be shipped to a customer with a negative balance.


We hope, that credit will make our service simpler and easier for you.  


Best regards,

ZenMarket team


*ZenMarket reserves the right to change credit terms at any time.


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News| 06/06/2018 |