[Giveaway] Win NEW Dragon Ball Figures - Goku vs Vegeta

Happy New Year! We hope you're all having a lovely start to 2019. To say thank you for all of your consistent support we have decided to give away two brand new Dragon Ball figures from the latest movie.
News | 15/01/2019 | Giveaway

[Giveaway] Tamagotchi Magical Giveaway Winner

Firstly, we'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone for participating and making it a huge success! Secondly, we'd like to congratulate our wonderful winner Dani M (from the US) who will receive a limited edition White Tamagotchi Meets. 
Article | 18/12/2018 | GiveawayToys

[Giveaway] Win A Limited Edition White Tamagotchi Meets

Happy Holidays! It's time for another giveaway. This time we're giving away a limited edition White Tamagotchi Meets. 💖🎁 This version is only available at Bandai Tamagotchi Meets Stations in Japan, but one lucky winner will be able to get their hands on it.
Article | 11/12/2018 | GiveawayToys

Announcing the Winners of our Massive Dragon Ball Z Giveaway

Congratulations to our 9 wonderful winners, each winner will be awarded a rare Dragon Ball Z figure (Trunks, Super Saiyan Son Goku, or Vegeta).
Article | 06/11/2018 | Giveaway

[Giveaway Winner] ZenMarket's Attack on Titan Giveaway

Thank you for all of your interest in our Attack on Titan Giveaway! The winner is...
Article | 21/08/2018 | Giveaway

[Giveaway] Win an Attack on Titan Watch

Win a limited edition Attack on Titan watch. Learn how to enter.
Article | 15/08/2018 | Giveaway

[Giveaway Winner] ZenMarket's Super Famicom Giveaway

The winner of our Super Famicom Giveaway is...
Article | 30/07/2018 | Giveaway

[Giveaway] Super Famicom Mini Giveaway

To say a BIG thank you for participating in our last Japanese Famicom Mini giveaway, we're giving away a Japanese Super Famicom Mini!
Article | 24/07/2018 | Giveaway

[Winner] Famicom Mini Giveaway

Thank you for all of your interest in our Famicom Giveaway and taking the time to enter our giveaway. The winner is...
Article | 17/07/2018 | Giveawaygames

Write a Blog Post & Win 5000 yen

Write a blog post reviewing our service, and you could win 5000 yen in ZenMarket credit!
Article | 11/04/2018 | Giveaway