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[WINNERS] Black Friday Anime Giveaway Bonanza

It's the time of year where after giving thanks to those who've made a difference in our lives at Thanksgiving, we switch our focus to the next big family get together, Christmas. But shopping at the last minute is stressful, and shoppers will often be left scrambling to get something when shelves are already empty.

Thankfully, some clever people over in the States, noticed this, and came up with a genius event of gargantuan proportions, to help shoppers spread their spend and get amazing deals.

I am of course talking about Black Friday.


This Black Friday ZenMarket, will be having a sale, the details of which will be announced sometime on November 25th. 

In addition to this offer, we're doing a giveaway on a bunch of stuff that embodies Black Friday. In order to take part in the giveaway or the sale, you'll need to have a ZenMarket account.


This giveaway ended on November 28th, 2022 at 16:00PM (JST)

Please read below for our announcement of the winners.


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What can I win?

Roll up, roll up - We have 5 amazing anime themed prizes up for grabs that represent the color black in either title or name. Continue reading to see who is up for grabs!

Prize #1 - Black Butler's Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive Figures


Prize #2 - Black Clover's Asta & Yuno Figures


Prize #3 - Demon Slayer Figure Set, Iguro & Friends


Prize #4 - One Piece's Black Leg Sanji Figures (2 versions)


Prize #5 - Black Cat's Eve Figure


How do I enter?

First, log in to Twitter.

Second, follow @zenmarket_en

Third, find the post for the figure you'd like to win (I will link them below for your convenience).

#1 - Black Butler's Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive Figures

#2 - Black Clover's Asta & Yuno Figures

#3 - Demon Slayer Figure Set, Iguro & Friends

#4 - One Piece's Black Leg Sanji Figures (2 versions)

#5 - Black Cat's Eve Figure


Reply to the post. To enter your post, it has to include 3 things:

  1. Tag (at least) 2 friends
  2. Add the hastag #zenmarketbf
  3. Tell us about your favourite black themed anime series, movie or character. Pictures are encouraged. 

Here's an example:


Finally, retweet the giveaway post. You can enter on just the one figure you want to win the most, or you can enter the running for all 5 figures - it's up to you!


Winners will be chosen for the best answer, but responses to multiple posts must be unique to count - no duplicates! 

In other words, get creative, and tag more friends! 

Winners must have a valid ZenMarket account.

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Note: Responses that do not feature all four required criteria (following @zenmarket_en, 2 (or more) friends tagged, #zenmarketbf, black themed anime series/movie/character) will not be considered valid entries.

Only one response per post will be counted. Maximum 5 entries (1 unique response per post). Please make sure your post features all of the criteria to enter! 


When can I enter?

Entries open from 8:00 am on Thursday, November 24th (2022/11/24) until 16:00 pm on Monday, November 28th (2022/11/28). These times are Japan Standard Time (JST), so make sure to check the difference between Japan's timezone and your region's timezone to ensure you don't miss out. 

Note: Responses that arrive before the starting time (8:00 am on Thursday, November 24th JST) or after the promotion end time (16:00 pm on Cyber Monday, November 28th JST) will not be considered valid entries. Please make sure you enter during the promotional period.

Winners will be chosen and announced on Tuesday, November 29th (the day after ZenMarket's Black Friday Promotional Period has finished).

Thank you for your interest in the ZenMarket Black Friday Anime Giveaway Bonanza! Have fun and good luck!


Who won the competition?

We had so many amazing entries into our Black Friday Anime Giveaway Bonanza. We'd like to formally thank everyone for showing us the best characters that show us what Black Friday is all about.

5 winners have been picked based on their responses on each individual prize post. See the winners below!


Winner of Black Butler's Sebastian Michaelis & Ciel Phantomhive Figures

Twitter user @_anasthesi_ who fittingly chose Sebastian Michaelis himself.


Winner of Black Clover's Asta & Yuno Figures

Twitter user @xXBossBellyXx choosing Kirito from Sword Art Online.


Winner of the Iguro & Friends Demon Slayer Figure Set

Twitter user @MilkPoridge with Yor Forger from Spy x Family.


Winner of One Piece's Black Leg Sanji Figures

Twitter user @UDBZJames10 with their equally kind and brutal summary of Sanji, the kind and strong cooking simp badass.


Winner of Black Cat's Eve Figure

Twitter user @DetRogerSmith choosing Celty from Durarara!!


Congratulations to you all!

We will be in contact with you soon to confirm your details to organize delivery of your prizes.

What did you think of the winning responses? Were they good, or were some absolute classics missed?


If you didn't win, no need to worry - we have more competitions and prizes planned in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Catch you next time, and of course - enjoy your Japan shopping!


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Article| 29/11/2022 | Giveaway