ECMS Express is available now!

As the coronavirus pandemic has caused temporary suspension and delay of international deliveries, the ZenMarket team has been trying to find more reliable alternatives for our customers. 


Today, we are happy to announce that ECMS Express is available on ZenMarket now!

ECMS is an international courier company that offers end-to-end shipping and delivery services. As of today, we can send parcels through ECMS to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The average delivery time is about 2 weeks.  


Here are the items total value limits per parcel for sending to different countries/territories:


Limit of item value

Hong Kong/ Singapore

200 000 Yen


200 000 Yen


200 000 Yen


130 000 Yen


100 000 Yen

You can use our shipping calculator to see more information about the price, size limit, and approximate delivery times when sending parcels through ECMS Express!

Please note that ECMS Express parcels are shipped twice a week.




Prohibited Items

Before you send a parcel, you should be aware that various goods are prohibited from being exported from Japan. As well as inflammable items, fauna, flora, and items on the CITES list (more details here), we cannot ship food, beverages, and valuable items, such as jewelry through ECMS Express.  


In addition, ECMS Express cannot send certain items to specific countries/territories:
 * Scroll horizontally to see more.

Prohibited Items for different countries/ territories






・Magazines/ Booklets/ Pamphlets

・Communication Devices(eg: Receivers, Radios,etc)


・Video equipment

・Electrical equipment

・Imitation firearms(eg: Toy guns)

・Body care products/ Adult toys

※Others (Please contact us for more details.)


・Pirated products and obscene publications / DVDs and other media

・Items that have an adverse effect on politics or culture

・Cigarette lighters (Pistol shaped)

・Communication Devices(eg: Receivers, Radios, etc)

Hong Kong

・Drugs (eg: Dangerous chemicals, psychotropic drugs, ingredients for herbal medicine)

・Communication Devices


・Pirated products and obscene publications / DVDs and other media

・Items that have an adverse effect on politics or culture

・Items with symbols of the Thai flag and the king

・Adult toys

・Tobacco (Including electronic cigarette body)

・Ore, soil, stone, wood, and items that infringe trademark rights



・Pet food

・Chinese pottery

・Health and beauty equipment (including thermometer and equipment for measuring body fat)

・Knives not for kitchen use


Whenever you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via our website.


We hope that this will give you more options when sending parcels and help ease your concerns with shipping. Remember, you can still store goods in the ZenMarket warehouse for 120 days, absolutely FREE! 


News| 19/05/2020 | ECMS