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[WINNERS] ZenMarket's Ghoulish Halloween Giveaway

goopIt's the spooky time of year when ghouls come out to play, so we put together a creepy Halloween Giveaway.

Tag your friends and share your fears, if you dare. Don't forget #zenhalloween, to give Japan a scare.

 Winners 7, we will choose to win. Each to receive a prize of 4,444yen!


This giveaway ended on October 31st, 2022 at 23:59PM.
Please read below for our announcement of the winners.

4444 yen halloween giveaway zenmarket



It would be appreciated if you could read the above in a spooky, rhythmic voice - I swear corporate made me do it.

Aaaaanyway - That's right! Halloween is almost here and ZenMarket's Ghoulish Halloween Giveaway is already well underway.


What can I win?

This year we will choose 7 winners. Each winner will receive 4,444yen in ZenMarket credit.

The credit can be used to order items or pay for shipping on items ordered through ZenMarket.

Why 4,444 yen? Why 7 winners?

In Japan, the number four is considered a dangerous number due to how it is often read.

- the number four, is often read as 'shi'.

- death, is also read as 'shi'.


7 is similar in that it is considered a dangerous number related to death, but the meaning is slightly different.

しち - the number seven is read as 'shichi'.

死地しち - land of the dead, is also read as 'shichi'.

Due to the influence of Buddhism on Japanese culture, 7 is still considered a lucky number, despite its link to death.


So for this Halloween giveaway, 7 lucky winners will become masters of death and earn themselves 4,444yen.


How do I enter?

First, log in to Twitter.

Second, find our Halloween giveaway post (I have linked it here for your convenience).

Reply to the post. To enter your post, it has to include 3 things:

  1. Tag (at least) 2 friends
  2. Add the hastag #zenhalloween
  3. Tell us about your culture's scariest monster/spirit/creature. Pictures are encouraged. 

Here's an example:


Finally, retweet the giveaway post.

6 winners will be chosen randomly, while 1 winner will be chosen by us based on what we think is the best response.

Note: Posts that do not feature all three required criteria (2 (or more) friends tagged, #zenhalloween, monster/spirit/creature) will not be considered valid entries. Please make sure your post features all of the criteria to enter!


When can I enter?

Entries open from 8:00 am on Tuesday, October 25th (2022/10/25) until 23:59 pm on Monday, October 31st (2022/10/31). These times are Japan Standard Time (JST), so make sure to check the difference between Japan's timezone and your region's timezone to ensure you don't miss out. 

Note: Responses that arrive before the starting time (8:00 am on Tuesday, October 25th) or after the promotion end time (23:59 pm on Monday, October 31st) will not be considered valid entries. Please make sure you enter during the promotional period.

Winners will be chosen and announced on Tuesday, November 1st.


Thank you for your interest in the ZenMarket Ghoulish Halloween Giveaway! Have fun and good luck!


Who won the competition?

We had so many amazing entries into our Halloween giveaway. We'd like to formally thank everyone for showing us the scary creatures and urban legends that make people scream in fear in their region

6 winners were chosen at random, while we handpicked a single winner who submitted a monster that made our skin crawl. See the winners below!


Scariest Creature

Twitter user @DriskyFingo with this incredibly creepy Goatman.


Randomly Selected Winners

Twitter user @hellohellolight, with what appears to be a deep-fried image of their friend who seems to rarely be seen in public!


Twitter user @susmonkey, with the Bunyip, a terrible creature from legends told by the Indigenous peoples of Victoria, Australia.


Twitter user @bikerjjks, with Ravanasura, a ten-headed demon from Hindu mythology.


Twitter user @perhapsonfire, with Rusalki, a spirit formed by the souls of drowned girls and women, who lure men with their beauty to their watery graves.


Twitter user @168triangles, with the Karakasa kozou youkai, a possessed umbrella that hops around scaring people by licking them.


Twitter user @blaze_raptor, with a Spiny Orb Weaver Spider, that looks like it was born to have the spotlight in Halloween.


Congratulations to you all!

We will be in contact with you soon to organize your prize of 4,444 yen (JPY) in ZenMarket credit.

Did you find these creatures scary? We sure did, along with all the other submissions put forward by everyone who entered.

If you didn't win, no need to worry - we have more competitions and prizes planned in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Catch you next time, and of course - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Article| 26/10/2022 | Giveaway