Halloween Giveaway: Day of the Dolls!

Welcome one and all to ZenMarket's Halloween giveaway! 

With the arrival of the spookiest season of the year, ZenMarket is throwing away all the tricks and treating you all to a series of giveaways we're calling "Day of the Dolls"

From today, October 26th, ZenMarket with be giving away one Halloween themed figurine each day up until October 31st to one lucky winner every day.

The giveaway is open worldwide with free shipping - that's right, we'll handle the bodies for you. 

We'll stop accepting new entries into the giveaway after October 31st, so don't miss out! 

6 Days. 6 Figures. 6 Winners! - Scared yet? 

No? Then try not to scream when you see these six horrifyingly beautiful bishoujo figurines that you can win throughout the giveaway.

All six prizes are 1/7 Scale PVC Pre-Painted Figures. 
Click on the prize name for more information. 

How To Enter?

Terrified that you might miss out on your chance to win one of these bewitching beauties?

Don't be, entering the giveaway couldn't be simpler. 

If you would like to enter the giveaway, head on over to Twitter and find our Giveaway Tweet.

  • Like,
  • Retweet,
  • Follow.

That's it! 

You will then be entered into the figurine giveaway for ALL six days of the competition. 

Keep an eye on our Twitter account during the first week of November as we will be announcing who survived this session's giveaway as one of the six lucky winners! 


The competition is completely free to enter and remember, we'll handle shipping them worldwide.

Good luck to those of you that enter the giveaway.

Have a fang-tastic Halloween!

Link to Giveaway Tweet!

Article| 26/10/2020 | GiveawayGiveaways