Prohibited items

Explosive and flammable items
Ilegal goods (ilegal drugs, guns, cultural property)
Plants, animals, bacteria and any other kind of flora and fauna
The items described in this section cannot be purchased and sent to User’s destination. The user is responsible for checking whether the product in his/her shopping cart does not fall in any of the categories described below. The User, who placed a bid on an item that cannot be purchased and shipped to User’s destination, is fully responsible for covering all the loss incurred due to this action, including but not limited to the cost of the item, commission fees, banking fees, payment gateway fees, recycling fees, domestic shipping fees etc.


Before placing a bid on an auction, the User must make sure the product’s size does not exceed the size and weight that we can ship by our carriers, namely Japan Post, EMS-Japan, UPS, FedEx.

a. We can ship items longer than 150cm only with FedEx, DHL and UPS. (If FedEx, DHL and UPS are not available for your country, don't buy such long items.)

b. We can ship items heavier than 30kg only with FedEx and UPS. (If FedEx and UPS are not available for your country, don't buy such heavy items.)

Examples of products that cannot be shipped due to size and weight limits: automobiles, motorcycles, heavy machinery, boats, etc.

2. Explosive and flammable items

Some items are prohibited by law from being sent by airmail. These items include but are not limited to:

a. Any flammable liquids (Gasoline, oil, alcohol, other)

b. Any sprays or otherwise condensed air, gases

c. Any type of Gas

d. Any other products prohibited to be sent by airmail

e. Any dangerous goods, that may be harmful for life and health of human being

f. For most countries, alcohol, alcoholic beverages, perfume containing alcohol etc.

Other examples of products that cannot be shipped are: lighters, lighter liquids, dry Fuel Tablets, flammable paint, deodorant sprays, aroma-sprays, self-inflatable life-jackets etc.

3. Illegal goods

a. All the products that are prohibited for export from Japan or to the destination country cannot be bought and shipped.

b. Items that harm public order and morality

c. Any items that might lead to or encourage criminal activity

d. Any illegal adult products, violence encouraging products etc

e. Any products that might infringe third party's intellectual property or harm third party's honor and privacy

f. Any products that might harm any other rights of a third party

g. Any other items defined as inappropriate by ZenMarket

Examples of products that cannot be shipped: guns, gunpowder, gun parts, any weapons, objects of art (paintings, statues, weapons, etc) designated as Cultural Property of Japan, drugs that require prescription, illegal drugs, Psychoactive drugs.

4. Plants, animals, bacteria and any other kind of flora and fauna

a. Any living creatures and plants are not allowed for shipping and therefore cannot be purchased. This includes but is not limited to animals, reptiles, insects, one-cell organisms, bacteria, plants, fungi and any other living organisms.

Examples of products that cannot be shipped: seeds, crops, mushrooms, bio-active substances.

Restricted items

1. Items containing lithium-ion batteries

Most portable electronic devices use some type of lithium-ion battery. Li-ion batteries are flammable if not treated properly and therefore have several restrictions for shipping.

Examples: cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, portable game consoles, e-book readers, power banks, digital cameras, electric toothbrushes, Bluetooth earphones, wristwatches

We cannot ship:

  1. Separate batteries not inserted or built in a device
  2. This includes any kind of portable charging devices.
    Examples: spare battery packs for laptop computer/digital camera, power bank, charge case for Bluetooth earphones, e-cigarettes etc.
  3. Devices with the battery’s watt-hour rating over 100 Wh.
  4. Examples: e-bicycles, chainsaws, portable refrigerators etc.

For the remaining cases:

  1. If shipping with EMS, SAL, Airmail, ECMS Express or DHL, no more than 2 li-ion batteries per parcel allowed.
  2. If shipping with UPS or FedEx, no more than 5 kg of li-ion batteries per box allowed.
  3. In some cases the warehouse will be limiting the box weight to 6 kg per box for parcels which include multiple lithium batteries (extra 1 kg is allowed to account for the weight of packaging materials). Number of boxes per parcel is not restricted.
  4. If shipping to Germany, Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Mongolia:
  5. - EMS, SAL or Airmail cannot be used.
    - at least two options out of UPS, FedEx or DHL are available (please contact for more details)
  6. If shipping with surface mail, limitations are stricter than for Airmail. Li-ion batteries cannot be shipped by surface mail to a number of countries (United States, Australia, Singapore, and more), so please be sure to check if your country is in the “Surface mail” column on the page 3 of the following list before placing an item with li-ion battery to a surface parcel.
  7. li-ion battery cannot be shipped with ZenExpress.