DUCK DUDE Japan - Where To Buy Online (Guide)

If you are a fan of streetwear you may have heard of DUCK DUDE. Founded by B One Soul, DUCK DUDE has become a fan-favorite for streetwear lovers!
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The Complete Guide to Makoto Shinkai's Best Movies

One of the most critically acclaimed anime directors of all time, Makoto Shinkai made his name known around the world with the blockbuster hit Your Name. Here is a complete guide to Makoto Shinkai’s movies which he has both written and directed.
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How to Learn Japanese With Manga: 5 Books for Beginners

In this guide, we’ll go over Japanese manga recommendations for beginner Japanese learners, notes on buying used manga, and free tips to help you read manga in Japanese.
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Learn Japanese Through Games: 5 Recommendations & Tips

Learning Japanese from the ground up is a very difficult task. While the grammar structures are not terribly different from English, learning the Japanese alphabet, as well as kanji, is incredibly difficult to master. This guide will introduce five of the best Japanese games to help you learn the Japanese language.
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5 Best Kids Anime that Every Adult Should Watch

To help you find some great titles to watch, this list will introduce five of the best kids anime that every adult should see at least once. Warning: The anime on this list have been known to tug on the heartstrings or bring on uncontrollable bouts of nostalgia.
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