DUCK DUDE Japan - Where To Buy Online (Guide)

Ever wanted a DUCK DUDE hoodie and T-shirt, but don't know how or where to get it? The answer is in this article!



1) What is DUCK DUDE?

2) Where can I find DUCK DUDE products?

3) Why buy DUCK DUDE directly from Japan?


1) What is DUCK DUDE?

If you are a fan of streetwear you may have heard of DUCK DUDE. For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, DUCK DUDE is a collection of casual street-style clothing and accessories with a duck-themed graphic.

In addition to the attractive graphic designs and comfortable materials used in their clothing range, the collection, founded by the well-known streetwear label B One Soul in 2013, became a fan-favorite because of its relatively low price compared to other streetwear brands.

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2) Where can I find DUCK DUDE products?

If you are looking to purchase DUCK DUDE products directly from Japan, we recommend the following three pages:

 i) NAVAL Online Store

NAVAL Online Store is the official online distributor of DUCK DUDE products. To make a purchase from this site, simply copy and paste the URL link of the item you want into your ZenMarket cart as shown in the picture below.

Remember to write down the size and color of your choice in the comments section. Since this site is only available in Japanese, you can use Google Translate to automatically translation pages when using the Google Chrome browser.


The advantage of making a purchase directly from one of DUCK DUDE's official online distributors is that you don't have to worry about the authenticity of a product, as all DUCK DUDE items sold there are 100% genuine products.

In addition, all of the newest DUCK DUDE products released will be sold on this site first, before they can be purchased on other online stores - so you can get the latest items before stocks run out!





ii) Rakuten Japan


Rakuten Japan is one of the most famous and popular online marketplaces in Japan. There are many dealers and stores on Rakuten Japan that sell DUCK DUDE products.

While most traders here are trustworthy due to Rakuten's strict stance on counterfeits, you should always be careful and double-check store ratings to make sure you're not buying counterfeit goods.


One of the most trusted DUCK DUDE merchants on Rakuten Japan that ZenMarket customers can trust and rely on is RENOVATIO. With an average rating of 4.4 / 5 stars out of over 11,000 happy customers, you can buy without fear. 

To make it easier for ZenMarket customers to make purchases from Rakuten Japan, we've integrated their website into the ZenMarket site.

This means that you can access any goods sold in Rakuten Japan directly through our website in the language of your choice!


※ For a complete easy step-by-step guide on how to make a purchase from Rakuten Japan through ZenMarket, check out this article.





iii) Yahoo! Auctions Japan


If you are looking to find a secondhand/preloved DUCK DUDE product or rare piece for your collection, Yahoo! Auctions is the best place for you!

Yahoo! Auctions is an online auction site that allows users to sell and buy goods through auctions. On this site, you can find various types of products including rare DUCK DUDE products.


However, before making any bids on Yahoo! Auctions, we recommend you take a moment to check out our quick guide to using Yahoo! Auctions. If you have ever used the site before you may run into small problems, but once you have read out guide you should have no problems.  

※ For a complete and easy guide to bidding on Yahoo! Auctions via ZenMarket, check out this article!




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3) Why buy DUCK DUDE directly from Japan?




i) More options!

ii) Opportunity to get the newest releases and gain access to limited edition clothing.

iii) Reduce shipping costs by combining multiple items from different sellers into one package.

iv) Less chance of mistakenly buying counterfeit goods.

v) Can buy secondhand DUCK DUDE products at a MUCH cheaper price.

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 So, what are you waiting for?

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Article| 05/06/2020 | Fashionblog