8 Things You Must Know About Obon

Obon is one of the most important festivals in the Japanese calendar, with hundreds of thousands of Japanese people across the country flocking home to celebrate with their families. Here's everything you need to know about Obon and more!

Why Are Retro Games Making A Comeback?

Plenty of games are being remade on current generation consoles because many players are hoping to see their childhood characters come back to life again. Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy 7, and Spyro have all made comebacks on the Playstation 4. Is there any game you’re hoping will be remade?
Article | 02/08/2019 | Toyszenplus

South Korea Courier Shipping Changes

Due to import regulation changes in South Korea, shipping with courier services will be temporarily suspended in September 2019.
News | 01/08/2019 | News

6 Crazy Things About Japanese Supermarkets

Japanese grocery stores differ from your usual supermarket you know! Our ZenPlus team made a list of the six craziest things, so you don't have to.
Article | 29/07/2019 | zenplusFood

How To Buy From Rakuten Japan: A Complete Guide

Rakuten is the largest e-commerce marketplace in Japan, with everything you could ever dream for listed! Want to buy from Rakuten Japan? With ZenMarket, it is easy. Simply read our guide to find out how!
Article | 26/07/2019 | Tutorial

The Official SNK Store on ZenPlus

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the official SNK store on ZenPlus. From now on, you will be able to get all the latest SNK goods and merch directly on our site shipped worldwide!
Article | 25/07/2019 | gamingzenplusToys

Let The Auditions Begin! What Is Revue Starlight!?

Starting as a stage play and moving on as a manga, anime, and a mobile game, Revue Starlight has grown incredibly fast and continues its growth on all platforms!
Article | 24/07/2019 | zenplusAnimeToys

Understanding Japan’s Mascot Obsession

Japan has thousands of mascots that it has gotten to the point where the Japanese government has started to crack down on the numbers. But how did these cute characters get so popular?

ZenMarket Summer Campaign! ¥100 Service Fees

Celebrate the summer with ZenMarket! Our service fees are only 100JPY from 15th July 4:00 PM JST until 18th July 4:00 PM JST on all auctions and for all stores!
News | 15/07/2019 | News

Japan’s Best Summer Festival Foods

Summertime is Japan is festival time! And the highlight of any matsuri is the FOOD! Add these 10 sweet and savory Japanese festival foods to your list for your next trip to Japan.