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Celebrating a Decade of Shopping Without Borders: ZenMarket's 10th Anniversary

Best month to try out ZenMarket! Giveaways, freebies, shipping campaigns and more!
Article | 16/04/2024 |

Our Photo Service Hosting Got More Secure

ZenMarket's photo service got improved and upgraded to our own cloud hosting. No more third party hosting service for a more secure and smooth photo service experience!
News | 15/04/2024 | News

Retrogaming Consoles You Should Definitely Try

Experience the magic of retro gaming with our handpicked selection of classics and hidden gems!

What is Pokemon Concierge?

We have taken a look at the new Netflix Pokemon Show: Pokemon Concierge. See what we found out!
Article | 11/04/2024 | PokemonPokemon GOAnime

Exploring the Excitement: Yu Yu Hakusho Live Action

Get the inside scoop on the highly anticipated Yu Yu Hakusho Netflix adaptation. What to expect, cast, and more!
Article | 11/04/2024 | Anime

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes - A Legendary Revival Of Suikoden’s Magic

Dive into the enchanting world of Eiyuden Chronicle, the spiritual successor to Suikoden. Rediscover the magic!

Where to buy guitars: Best Stores and Useful Tips

Do you want to buy real Japanese guitars directly from Japan? Everything you need to know about buying guitars directly from Japan, and discover the best Japanese guitars online stores.
Article | 11/04/2024 | guitar

What are Sofubi? A Beginner's Guide

Sofubi is another creative invention from Japan! Discover what they are on our blog.

What are Japanese Lawsuit Guitars?

Have you heard of lawsuit guitars? Read more to find out what they are and whether you should buy one.
Article | 05/04/2024 | Musicguitar

Tips on Choosing Secondhand Guitar

Ever wondered what you should pay attention to when choosing a secondhand guitar? We asked a professional for his tips and insights.
Article | 05/04/2024 | Musicguitar