Japanese Limited Edition Samurai Shodown Sets

Discover exclusive limited-edition Samurai Shodown PS4 and Nintendo Switch bundles that are only available in Japan.
Article | 04/09/2019 | gamingzenplusToys

Launch of Vietnamese Version of ZenMarket

ZenMarket is now available in Vietnamese! From now on, you can browse our website entirely in Vietnamese, and we are happy to let you know that Vietnamese customer support is also available. With the release of the Vietnamese version of ZenMarket, we now offer services and customer support in 10 different languages! 
News | 04/09/2019 | News

What is the reason behind Love Live's popularity?

There is no denying Love Live's popularity in Japan and around the world. But what makes fans so dedicated to this teenage troupe?
Article | 03/09/2019 | AnimegamingToyszenplus

The Top 8 Japanese Watch Brands You Need To Know About In 2019

Shopping for the best watch for your hard earned money can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you out. Here are our top 8 Japanese watch brands picked by our ZenPlus watch enthusiasts.
Article | 29/08/2019 | Fashionzenplus

Sampuru: Japanese Fake Plastic Food

Japanese fake food has been gathering attention all over the internet, but what is it, and how is it made? Our ZenPlus team give you all the insights.
Article | 26/08/2019 | Food

Our Top 5 Sanrio Characters

From Hello Kitty to Pochacco, we rank our top 5 Sanrio Characters that competed in the 2019 Annual Character Competition. Who is our favorite?

Moeshu: Anime-themed Bottles Of Japanese Sake

This one is for you anime fans. Say hello to Suzuki Liquor store that sells homebrewed anime-themed Japanese sake, wine, and foods.
Article | 23/08/2019 | zenplusAnime

How To Buy From KAPITAL

KAPITAL is one of the most popular Japanese streetwear brands in the world, seen on the likes of pop stars like John Mayer and Pharrell. With our handy tutorial, you will be able to buy Kapital from Japan and own all the best Japanese street fashion!
Article | 22/08/2019 | FashionTutorial

Interview with Anime & Gaming YouTuber Rin Senpai

Get inspired by one of our current favorite YouTubers, Rinsenpai, as he shares what motivates him to stream and post videos, and many other most asked questions.
Article | 21/08/2019 | Pop cultureAnimegamingToys

DHL E-Commerce Shipping Changes

We regret to inform you that DHL eC Packet Plus and Packet Standard, provided by DHL eCommerce, will not be available from September 2019.
News | 20/08/2019 | News