What is Fire Emblem? Is it worth playing?

Are you confused by the baffling rules and history of the turn-based tactical RPG, Fire Emblem? Are you wondering whether you should start playing the franchise? This blog will help clear some things up.
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Everything You Must Know About Japanese Skincare

What is a Japanese skincare routine? Is double cleansing worth it? We answer all these questions and more in our ultimate guide to Japanese Skincare.
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Comiket Ultimate Guide: Touhou Project

All you need to know about Touhou Project at Comiket! We give you some tips, share our favorite things to do, and teach you how to get your hands on the best doujinshi goods no matter where you are in the world!
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The 6 Best Retro Mini Japanese Consoles

Retro gaming is making a HUGE comeback thanks to the release of lots of retro mini consoles. We compared Japanese consoles to their US counterparts and compiled a list of the ones you must own.
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How To Buy From P-Bandai

Bandai is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world, most famous for their exclusive Gunpla kits! We teach you how to order from this online webstore with our proxy shopping service.
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ZenPlus x Studio Ghibli Giveaway

Our epic Spirited Away giveaway has come to an end! We have checked through all the hundreds of entries, and have randomly awarded the prize to...
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ZenPop PlayStation 4 Giveaway!

We have a very special promotion for you! Register for a free ZenPop account before the 23rd August for your chance to win one of 6 prizes, including a 2TB PlayStation 4.
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4 Affordable Pilot Fountain Pens For Beginners

Back to school season is coming, and there's nothing more fun than buying new stationery. We compiled a list of our top 4 favorite fountain pens that are perfect for everyday note-taking.

10 Japanese Products For Cat Lovers

Japan loves their cats, so it's no surprise that you can find a lot of adorable Japanese cat-themed merchandise! Show off your love of your feline friends with our list of items you must buy if you're a cat lover.

Are You Ready Hunters? Diving Headfirst Into Monster Hunter

Are you wondering why Monster Hunter was voted one of the best games ever? We dive headfirst into what we love about the series.
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