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Introducing Rakuma - The Online Second Hand Marketplace by Rakuten!

As of October 24th, 2022, Rakuma, also known as Fril.jp, is now available directly on ZenMarket! Continue reading to discover how you can score an amazing bargain or find rare & vintage second hand goods from Japan!

Rakuten Rakuma x ZenMarket

What is Rakuma?

Rakuma is an online flea market shopping platform operated by Rakuten. Looking for a bargain, or rare & vintage items? Rakuma is where you should start looking.

Rakuma have all kinds of goods, from figures and posters, to luxury bags and watches. Start browsing now so you can start putting together your bargain haul directly from Japan.

ZenMarket's Rakuma page


Now that Rakuma has teamed up with ZenMarket, you can shop millions of listings of second hand goods from all over Japan directly from the ZenMarket website - in other words, no Japanese necessary. How easy is that?


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Why buy from Rakuma?

There are so many reasons why you should start shopping Japanese goods on Rakuma.

In most cities in Japan, items such as clothing or appliances can often not be thrown out in regular trash, and people actually have to pay extra to have the items taken away by specialist garbage collectors.

Because of the work often involved in this process, many people instead choose to list their items online to sell them.

Due to this system, many Japanese people opt to sell their items in good condition before they become trash.

This is fantastic for buyers because:

  1. Sellers are generally not too concerned about the money they earn, because they would otherwise have to pay to remove the items. This means you can usually get what you're looking for at a fantastically low price.
  2. Sellers want their items gone, and it is easier to sell items in good condition, than ones that are in poor condition. This makes it really easy for buyers to find quality items when buying second hand.

Rakuma is one of Japan's biggest marketplaces for second hand goods, and as a result, you can find a huge number of high quality items at really good prices.


Why use ZenMarket to browse Rakuma?

ZenMarket makes buying from Rakuma convenient, affordable, and reliable.

We have now built Rakuma's marketplace directly into the ZenMarket interface, meaning you can browse and filter Rakuma listings in your language, and currency, from anywhere in the world. 


You can also view listings details without having to leave the ZenMarket website. This makes for a simpler, more seamless shopping experience where to don't have to hop between the Rakuma website and ZenMarket to make your purchase.

You can also add products to your cart to be checked by our customer service team. We hope you could appreciate that, due to the sheer number of requests we receive, we can not negotiate with sellers on price. 


As usual, ZenMarket charges just a 300 yen (approx $2 USD) per item service fee. With free package consolidation for international shipping, you have the means to buy all the great items you find on Rakuma without breaking your bank.

Note: Consolidation of items is only available on the international shipping component of your order (i.e the parcel that leaves the ZenMarket warehouse). We can not request package consolidation for domestic shipping within Japan to ZenMarket, even if multiple items are purchased from the same seller.

We are packing experts - there is no point in getting a great deal on second hand items if when shipped, they don't arrive in one piece.

That's why we pack your items with care: whether you are ordering Pokemon cards, watches, bags or clothes, our professional packers protect your precious items.

If you want to check on the status of your items when they arrive at our warehouse, you can request our optional photo service before we pack your items. We will accept claims of "not as described" only for items ordered with photo service option.

ZenMarket PackingZenmarket Packing


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