8 Aimi Characters Who'd Totally Rock Aimi Apparel (2020)

Seiyuu actually dressing up as the characters they portray is the ultimate form of fan service. After all, it’s your favorite voices, in your favorite outfits, interacting in your favorite ways.

It’s an immensely satisfying — albeit tried and true — way of bringing anime and game characters to life.

But “tried and true” can be a bore sometimes, so hey, let’s do the life-bringing the opposite way: have the characters wear the seiyuu’s own brand of clothing instead. What would they wear, and why? Like, really?

Here's 8 characters voiced by beloved seiyuu Aimi who'd look perfect in clothing and accessories from AiM:Øriginal, her upcoming collaboration with anime apparel brand R4G.



8 Aimi Characters Who'd Totally Rock Aimi Apparel


#1: Kyoko Yamate + “A” LOGO BEANIE

Kyoko Yamate (D4DJ)Aimi "A" Logo Beanie

About Kyoko

Profile: Leader of “stoic and confident” DJ unit Peaky P-key
From: D4DJ (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ)

Why She'd Rock It

Changes are chances.
Ah, Kyoko’s trademark baseball cap. With its subtle bill piercings, unique side strap, and bold front-face lettering, it’s not so much a piece of headwear as it is a crown fit for a disc-scratching queen.

...So why replace it, you ask?

Simple: It’s an amazing chance to generate buzz.

Our eyes follow a natural path from top to bottom when we look at things. So change up that iconic top look, and boom: You’re immediately turning heads. People are talking and tuning in.

Imagine Hatsune Miku hitting the stage with a short bob instead of her usual pigtails. Or Nezuko literally letting her hair down and kicking demon butt with a fresh set of bangs.

Hatsune Miku short hairNezuko with bangs

Credit: Pixiv / Pinterest

The Twitterverse would go into overdrive.

It’s all about free publicity — which, as a performer, is paramount.

Switching things up visually would be a great chance for Kyoko and her fellow Peaky P-key members to reach new heights.

Protects her greatest asset.
Day after day of eye-catchin’, disc-scratchin’, globe-trottin’, chart-toppin’ success. Fervent crowds that burn up dance floors and stadium arenas alike.

How cool would the life of a DJ (or any musician, for that matter) be?

The answer, we figure, is cool — and then some. Because jam and jive as she might, we imagine there’s just no way Kyoko would be able to generate the same kind of body heat as her fiery audience. And considering how chilly a club or festival stadium can get at night, that becomes an issue healthwise.

 Aimi as Kyoko onstage

Cold temperatures can contribute to a host of ear-related problems — from simple pain and ringing, to dizziness, and even hearing loss. Tragic for us common folk, and career-threatening for a musician.

Luckily for her, she’d have her trusty Aimi beanie to keep her ears warm and her spirit warmer.

Style Snippet

Color: Black
Notes: The simple “A” logo is a fresh change from the bolder PEAKY and KNOCK OUT that adorn Kyoko’s usual headwear. It’s an understated look that could help fans focus even more on her actual music, rather than leave them wondering what the English logos actually say.

Beanie logoAimi in beanie

View "A" Logo Beanie details



#2: Beneca + “A” LOGO GI BELT

Beneca (Caravan Stories)“A” LOGO GI BELT

About Beneca

Profile: Granddaughter of legendary knight Eric Abel, dressed casually for New Year's 2019
From: Caravan Stories (PS4, PC, mobile)

Why She'd Rock It

Look taller — and more fearsome.
Belts are sneaky little blighters. Apart from the obvious security of keeping your clothes in place, they also create an illusion of tallness. Segmenting your body with a well-placed belt naturally draws the gaze of onlookers upward, making your waist appear higher — and your legs longer.

Using a belt to make you look taller

Credit: Wear It For Less via Pinterest

One Caravan Stories player used the game’s Fire Force anime collab to discover that Beneca stands at just over 130 cm (4 ft), which research states is about 20 cm (9″) shorter than the average 14 year old.

This makes her the very epitome of chibi, which is all well and good if all you’re doing is gunning for that perfect kawaii look — but when you’re living in medieval Guriam and fighting tooth and nail to survive, maybe not so much!

Beneca height comparison

Credit: Caravan Stories Masters

Of course, given Beneca’s prestigious upbringing and adventurous spirit, by no means are we saying that size is the only thing that matters on the battlefield. Still, when your figure alone can strike fear into the hearts of your opponents and turn the tide of an encounter in your favor, every little bit helps, right?

If you’re short of stature like Beneca, then a belt like Aimi’s can really make others see you in a different light and leave a lasting impression. It’s a prime example of how clothes quite literally make the man — or woman, in this case.

Style Snippet

Color: Black
Notes: Aimi and R4G describe the black belt as “definitive streetwear,” in contrast with the more casual brown variant. Given Beneca’s usual wardrobe, we can easily see her wanting to let loose on her days off and stay as far away from prim and proper as possible, which the black would achieve. Black would match her natural hair color and provide some nice contrast with the lighter hue of her one piece, too.

Aimi in belt

View "A" Logo Gi Belt details



#3: Millaarc Cranstoun + “A: O” FACE COVER

Millaarc Cranstoun“A: O” FACE COVER

About Millaarc

Profile: Failed attempt at scientifically recreating a legendary vampire
From: Symphogear XV

Why She'd Rock It

Feel the heat.
What we wouldn’t give to be able to fly like Millaarc. Soaring through the heavens, dancing among the stars, courting freedom — it’d be out of this world.

But good golly Miss Milla would it be cold!

Scientists estimate that temperatures outside commercial airliners drop to less than -50℃ due to the massive loss of air pressure at flying altitude. The expert verdict: “You would quickly die.”

While things may not get that bad for a vampire like Millaarc, no doubt her happy-go-lucky attitude would see her indulging in the need for speed while airborne — making the cold that much worse.

Enter Aimi’s “A: O” Face Cover.

A face mask would trap in the warm air that Millaarc exhales, adding at least a little bit of heat to her chilly aerial escapades. If you’ve ever felt the blistering cold while cycling outside on a winter’s day, especially during an adrenaline-filled downhill descent, you can no doubt relate.

Keep bloodlust — and bacteria — at bay.
If Bakemonogatari, Hellsing, Blood, Seraph of the End, and more are anything to go by, then clearly blood is to vampires as honey is to bees. There’s such an insatiable desire for it that one whiff, one accidental taste, and it’s rampage city.

Wearing a mask would keep Millaarc’s natural bloodlust in check. Not only is it a physical barrier to her senses, it’s somewhat of a psychological one too, as people in masks literally touch their faces less frequently. There’ll be no bloodsucking, no contact transmission here, thank you very much — deliberate or otherwise.


Don't... Don't touch it... (Credit: ZeroChan)

Blood splatter? Mask. No direct contact.
Bloodstained fingers? Mask. No direct contact.

Of course, the same barrier logic goes for bacteria, viruses, and other nasties that linger out in the open — a dilemma we’ve come to know all too well during the COVID pandemic, much less regular cold and flu season.

Wearing a mask benefits

Credit: Everett Clinic

Style Snippet

Color: Multi
Notes: A black mask here would match Millaarc’s cloak and really add to mystique, but that'd be way too predictable. Our vote therefore goes to the multi-colored check this time around, just to spice things up a bit — after all, what is fashion if not fun? The sharp white lines could even allude to the fangs hidden beneath, reminding people that she is, at her core, still a vampire. (Note: Aimi is not one.)

Aimi in face cover

View "A: O" Face Cover details



#4: Kasumi Toyama + CHECK ECO BAG

Kasumi ToyamaCHECK ECO BAG

About Kasumi

Profile: Leader, vocalist, and rhythm guitarist for the band Poppin’ Party
From: BanG! Dream franchise

Why She'd Rock It

Ensures color consistency.
Color is a simple, effective way for groups and their members to distinguish themselves from one another. It makes you instantly recognizable. (You might only know Momoiro Clover Z's Ayaka Sasaki as "the pink one," for instance).

Color also carries with it certain cues that will help your audience identify with you even more.

Blue for tranquility, diligence, and responsibility.
Green for new beginnings, abundance, and nature.
Red for courage, passion, and heart.

...And so on and so forth.

BanG! Dream

Credit: BanG! Dream English

Given Kasumi’s cheerful gusto and her position as leader, it’s little wonder that red permeates her design choices. With its vivid crimson logo, Aimi’s Check Eco Bag would feel right at home as part of her wardrobe, complementing both her guitar and her outfit’s accents to a tee.


Lets her be an eco-friendly role model.
When you’re in the public eye and are idolized by the masses, you need to make sure you look and act your best. 

Being a champion of eco-friendly initiatives (like reusable shopping bags over traditional plastic) would not only endear Kasumi to her current fanbase, but also help it grow. Word of mouth, especially in this social media age, is a powerful ally for a performing artist.

But of course, that all pales in comparison to the actual issue underlying the production and use of these reusable bags: protecting the environment.

Check out the infographic below for some alarming statistics about plastic usage and its detrimental effects. Thankfully, we're sure the positive and passionate Kasumi will be doing all she can to not only reduce plastic waste, but also spread the word about its importance.

Plastic pollution

Credit: CICLO

Style Snippet

Color: Multi
Notes: Kasumi could really take color consistency to the next level by pairing Aimi’s Check Eco Bag with the collab’s multi-colored face cover (Millaarc Cranstoun, #3) and checked shirt (Julia, #5). The bag is specially fabricated to not get dirty easily, allowing Kasumi to carry drinks, snacks, and even full-fledged takeout meals to rehearsal without worrying about the messy aftermath.

Aimi with eco bag

View Check Eco Bag details





About Julia

Profile: Guitarist for girl group MILLION STARS
From: THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!: Theater Days

Why She'd Rock It

Natural extension of who she is.
Pop and punk are the very definition of polar opposites. On one hand you have the squeaky-clean, million-dollar smiles of MILLION STARS, Nogizaka 46, and NiziU; on the other, the free-spirited my way or the highway dismissiveness of The Blue Hearts and The Floppy-Pinkies.

Offstage, Julia is all about the latter — from her slick, jagged hairstyle to the raw, rebellious body language she shows off to the world. And while her private wardrobe successfully ditches the rainbows and unicorns, there’s still one thing missing: that quintessential element of punk culture, the checked shirt.

Aimi in check shirt

View Over Size Check Shirt details

Aimi’s Over Size Check Shirt would allow Julia to take a breather from the glitz and glamour of her popstar ways and fully embrace the punk lifestyle which she holds so dear. Punk is, after all, what got her into (and where she wants to end up in) the music industry.

At the end of the day, that’s what makes fashion so fun: It lets us be ourselves. What we wear is a proclamation of who we are and what we love — without us actually having to speak.

Versatility means a happier wardrobe.
Julia plays a right-handed Gibson guitar, but she’s actually a lefty. Because heck, why not? Living and breathing punk means being versatile, leaving rules and preconceptions in the dust. 

Perfect, then, that Aimi’s checked shirt is also the epitome of versatility. From casual and carefree to chic and avant-garde, it offers Julia endless style possibilities, and she’d hit the ball clean out of the park with every single one. 

Considering that more than 50% of the clothes in our wardrobe goes unused throughout the year, a more versatile (read: punk) approach to fashion could really do wonders for the environment and our own life.

Wardrobe usage

Credit: Fashion United

Style Snippet

Color: Multi
Notes: Having the shirt tied slovenly around her waist would have Julia positively oozing cool and silently screaming “I don’t care what you think!” It would also add some shape and ironic elegance to her figure, offsetting the slim, straight lines of her short hair and upper body.

Punk girl shirt around waist

  Credit: Pinterest


#6: Kiri Hyoryu + “A” LOGO CAP

Kiri Hyoryu“A” LOGO CAP

About Kiri

Profile: Water Lord Miserea’s human disguise
From: Future Card Buddyfight

Why He'd Rock It

Boost confidence and self-esteem.
“Hairstyles have a profound psychological impact.”

That was one of the key takeaways from Yale University’s An Experimental Investigation into the Effects of ‘Bad Hair’ in 2000, and yikes, does it ever ring true.

Trying to survive a bad hair day is like running a gauntlet — a testament to just how connected our coif is to our self-confidence. Before long, you’re left feeling anxious and just plain critical about your appearance — and, unfortunately, any other woes that may be bearing down on you.

Sad Kiri

With unkempt bangs hanging all in his eyes, we imagine Kiri to be no stranger to any of that. While his own insecurities ironically stem from his fear of being forgotten and abandoned, “that guy with the scruffy hair” isn’t exactly something he’d want to be remembered for.

Aimi’s cap allows Kiri to tuck his hair back, giving him a more clean-cut look so that he can confidently tackle the world head-on. He’d look people dead in the eye and proclaim: “Don't you dare forget about me!”

Style Snippet

Color: Brown
Notes: This cap gives Kiri his very own mode select. Wearing it the right way round puts emphasis on his cute, shy persona — but turn it backwards and he instantly lets the world know that he means business. Just like someone else we know...

Aimi in cap

 View "A" Logo Cap details


#7: Neruko Yanagisawa + “A: O” HOODIE


About Neruko

Profile: Mahjong player and friendly neighborhood NEET
From: Online mahjong game Momoiro Taisen Pairon

Why She'd Rock It

Time-savers are lifesavers.
When it comes to hoodies, speed and efficiency is the name of the game.

A hoodie can be worn with just about anything. You could be getting ready for some shut-eye, heading to the gym, popping out for some groceries, or just lounging around at home in true NEET style — throw on a hoodie and bam, you’re done.

It’s not just about getting dressed more quickly, either: prop that hood up and you eliminate the need for hairstyling too. That’s a blessing for Neruko — because when your entire do is covered by the hood of your hoodie, who’s going to notice that you haven’t showered today (or all of last week)?

Aimi in hoodie

Why all the fuss, you say?

Because we take more time getting ready each day than we might realize.

A 2016 study by retailer Marks & Spencer found that working professionals spend about 15 minutes every morning just deciding what to wear (13 minutes for men, 17 minutes for women). And that’s just for work, too — who knows how much longer it takes us to decide in our social lives, where the scope for individual stylistic choice is much broader.

Of course, neither a working nor a social one matter much to Neruko, but that 17 minutes could still be devoted to other more important endeavors. Like sleeping. And eating. And mahjong.

Style Snippet

Color: Brown
Notes: Neruko's color palette consists mainly of soft pastels — we just don't see her going the black route anytime soon. Still, more importantly than that, a brown hoodie would make any spillage of whatever squid-based delicacy she finds herself pigging out on a non-issue.


View "A: O" Hoodie details



#8: Alraune (Flora Beast) + AIMIN LS TEE


About Alraune

Profile: Flower demon specializing in battlefield support
From: Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Why She'd Rock It

An everlasting “one-off” impact.
No, that’s not an oxymoron. If you’re looking to flaunt your fashion sense and captivate the crowds, nothing does the trick quite like a “one-off” style: incorporating an element into your outfit that is bold, playful, and against the grain in terms of what Fashion 101 would have society expect.

Aiming for dapper but daring at a networking event? Offset that new suit with some leather low-cut sneakers.
Hate sacrificing style for comfort? Get the best of both worlds by pairing that loose sweatshirt with something slimmer down below.

Suit and sneakersSweats and slim skirt

Credits: Mr Koachman / LIMIA

The latter look is what we have in mind for Alraune, as the adorably oversized Aimi LS Tee contrasts perfectly with the demon’s slim organic figure. It might even throw off potential hunters who would rather not try to comprehend why she’s even wearing clothes in the first place.

In Japanese it’s known as hazushi, meaning “off the mark.” But for fashionistas, it can be a sign of a style game that is very much on point.

Aimi in tee

Higher Defense stat.
Alraune aren’t the most sturdy of folk — that much can be gleaned from their delicate appearance alone. Their mystical nature grants them solid protection against magical offense, but just like any beautiful flower, they’re not made to withstand much physical punishment at all.


Covering up in an Aimi tee won’t make Alraune invincible, but the material separation will at least help to reduce the pain of any impact she may find herself on the receiving end of — and in the rough-and-tumble world of Disgaea, we’re sure there’s plenty of it to be found.

Of course, there’s also the added benefit of UV protection and a reduced risk of skin cancer when wearing long-sleeved clothes — but since we’re talking flora here, we assume that very sunlight is what gives Alraune her strength. It's a tricky game, this fashion business...

Sun protection

Credit: Joe Bielawa (Flickr) via The Interpreter

Style Snippet

Color: Brown
Notes: Brown is the preferred color of Aimi herself, plus it's got the whole foresty thing going for it too. Couple that with the iconic "A" logos adorning the sleeves and back, and you'd be forgiven for thinking the tee was specially designed for Alraune herself!

Aimi in teeAimi in tee

View Aimin LS Tee details




Fact Sheet

About the Collab

Name: AiM:Øriginal

By: Aimi in collaboration with anime apparel brand R4G

Concept: "Everyday clothing for all of Aimi's fans, regardless of gender."

Available: Accepting pre-orders now! Pre-orders close December 20, 2020 @ 11:59 PM (JST). 

Drops: March 2021


Pre-order here



R4G: Respect for Geeks

AiM:Øriginal range is the first release from anime apparel brand R4G's long-awaited "FAN PROJECT," which puts seiyuu, idols, and other celebrity talent in the front seat of the product planning process.

R4G stands for Respect For Geeks. The brand seeks to tap into the passion of all proud geeks everywhere, delivering anime, game, and entertainment-themed clothing across the globe. R4G targets not only core fans, but also fashionistas and Japan enthusiasts too.


Learn more about R4G



Final Verdict: "A" for Aimi

Styling & Profiling

What do a vampire, a flower monster, a punk rock popstar, and an overlord in disguise all have in common? They all look awesome decked out in fashion designed by Aimi, the seiyuu who voiced them, that's what!

With such a colorful cast of characters, we say the Aimi x R4G collab AiM:Øriginal absolutely nails its goal of creating everyday wear for all walks of life. Because when your apparel transcends not just gender and race, but species as well, you know you're on to something good.

Over to You!

What's your favorite Aimi anime, game, or song?

Who's your most beloved Aimi character?

What R4G outfits do you yourself rock, and what would you like to see more of?

Let us know on social media! We'd love to hear from you!

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