How To Buy From R4G

R4G (Respect For Geeks) is one of the biggest anime apparel brands in Japan. It is well-known for collaborating with Love Live!, Haikyu!! And Hatsune Miku, which are sold exclusively in Japan. 

They have also worked with other famous anime and games,  Fate Stay Night, Attack on Titans, and  Persona 5. If you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture, R4G is the perfect place to get high-quality clothing and accessories.

We are pleased to let you know that R4G has chosen to open its official international store on ZenPlus. When buying from ZenPlus, there are no service fees, and you get cashback on every purchase. 


Why you should shop R4G on ZenPlus

  • R4G is one of the biggest anime apparel manufacturers that holds licensing rights to many anime and gaming franchises. It is a great place to get trendy clothing and accessories that have a hint of your favorite anime series without being over the top. 


  • Respect For Geeks sells many limited edition items that are incredibly hard to get your hands on these items outside of Japan. 


  • There’s no waiting for price confirmation on ZenPlus. Although you can purchase from the official R4G store via ZenMarket, it may take some time before you can pay for the item as our buying team needs to confirm the item’s price first. 


  • ZenPlus is always happy to help answer any questions regarding your item etc. and work quickly to resolve your concerns in your language. 


  • Shipping within Japan is free. Plus, there are no service fees, and you get 3% cashback on every item purchased. 


Read on to find out how to buy from our official international R4G store with our step-by-step guide. 


Step 1: Visit our R4G store.

Go to our official international R4G store. ZenPlus stores are available in every language ZenMarket supports, so you won’t need to use any translation tool. Please note that as our site is automatically translated it may not be 100% accurate if you have any questions regarding an item, please feel free to contact our support team.


Step 2: Find your favorite R4G collaborations.


With the store in English (or any language you prefer), it is now time to start browsing for items you want to buy. If you already know what you are looking for, then you can use the search bar on the top of the page. For the best results, we recommend using keywords in Japanese. For any tips on finding item names in Japanese, read our handy guide here

You can also browse categories and brands to find items. The general categories are located on the left side of the product images. You can filter by price, color, and your favorite brand within the R4G store.

If you are unable to find an item, here are a few links to help you out. 

 Hatsune Miku mikumoji merch on ZenPlus

 Love Live R4G Aqours merch and apparel on ZenPlus

Haikyuu apparel on ZenPlus

Attack on Titan x R4G collaboration available on ZenPlus

Uzumaki collaboration with R4G available on ZenPlus


Step 3: Browse products.

R4G offers tons of unique pieces that bring anime and fashion together. When browsing, you will be able to see basic information about the item, such as a photo, a name, and the price. If you are wondering whether an item is available in your size, you can hover your mouse over the item’s photo, and you’ll be able to see the available sizes. 


Step 4: Find out more item details.

On the product page, you can find out more information about the item you want to purchase. You will be able to see more photos from different angles, quantities, product details (including sizing info), shipping, and payment options. Plus, our buyer protection promise to ensure there are no problems with your order. 


Step 5: Purchasing

Once you are satisfied with the item you want to purchase, click add to cart. You can then proceed with paying for your item. For a full tutorial on how to buy from ZenMarket, check out our guide here.

We hope this step-by-step guide was helpful, and you were able to find an item that you like. 

If you would like to browse even more anime goods, we recommend you check out our anime showcase containing our full catalog of products. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know on our social media below. 


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Article| 17/07/2020 | Fashionzenplus