How To Purchase From Yellowfish

*26th July 2019 Update*

We are no longer able to purchase from Yellowfish. However, if you are looking for second-hand reels, there are plenty of Japanese fishing stores that we'd recommend for you to check out! 



You can also check out our very own shopping platform, ZenPlus, or use Yahoo Auctions

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and seek your kind understanding! 



Yellowfish is a popular Japanese fishing shop that specializes in selling used fishing rods and reels. It has a huge selection of items at very affordable prices. We highly recommend this site if you are looking for high-quality Japanese reels that won’t break the bank.


Why Buy From Yellowfish


  • If you have a smaller budget and cannot afford a brand new rod/reel, this is one of the best places to pick up a Japanese rod/reel, as they take great effort to let you know what the condition of the rods/reels are, and offer very fair prices

  • They rank the condition of their rods, which means before you purchase the rod, you will have a sense of what sort of damage (if any) the rod has. This is the ranking, for reference.

    A Rank: Almost no scratches or damage, or very few surface scratches
    AB Rank: There are a lot of small scratches, or there are a few deep scratches, or there is no surface damage but slight issues with the internal parts
    B Rank: The item has a good amount of damage
    C Rank: The item has a significant amount of damage, or has significant rust
    D Rank: Item was repaired, or is missing some parts but can still be used
    J Rank: Missing an important part, or broken item, or a junk item, or part of a set which cannot be used by itself
    N Rank: New item


One thing to take note of with Yellowfish is that sometimes, it is possible for an item listed on the online store to actually be sold out since they sell used items and the systems are not integrated. We seek your understanding in such matters.


How To Purchase From Yellow Fish


Step 1: Click here to visit Yellowfish. To make it easier for you to understand the website, we recommend that you use Google Chrome. This will allow you to navigate the website in English by right-clicking and “Translate to English”. Please note that this translation is auto-generated, and is not 100% accurate.


Step 2: To search for an item, please use the search field towards the middle of the page. For the best results, we recommend using keywords in Japanese. If you need tips on finding item names in Japanese, you can read our handy guide here.

Buy From Yellowfish with ZenMarket!

You can also browse through the categories on the top of the page. You will notice that even if you translated the page, these were not translated. While the images should help you figure out what these are, we’re happy to help you translate to make it easier for you.


ロッド Rod

リール Reel

カスタムパーツ Custom Parts

ルアー Lure

ライン・小物・ウキ Line・Small Parts・Uki

アクセサリー・その他 Accessories ・Others


If you are unable to find an item, please feel free to reach out to us! By clicking “Can’t Find” on our website up top, our customer support team will be able to help you.


Step 3: When browsing through products, you will be able to see basic information about the item, such as the manufacturer, the model, which store it is in stock at, and the price. If you want, you can also choose to sort the order you are seeing the products, so you can see the cheapest products first etc.

Buy From Yellowfish with ZenMarket!

Step 4: On the product page, you will see more information about the item. Firstly, please check the rank of the product, as this will give you an idea about the condition of what you are trying to buy. Then, under “About This Product”, there is more information about the item, such as what kind of damage (if any) the product has. You should also pay attention to the shipping price, as this will be added to the base price and is borne entirely by yourself.

Buy From Yellowfish with ZenMarket!

Step 5: Once you are satisfied and want to buy, it is time for us to help you! There are 3 ways that you can add the item to your ZenMarket cart. On any ZenMarket page, you can easily copy and paste the URL of your item into the search bar. You can also click the + button next to the “My Account” button next to the search bar. Lastly, if you go to this page, you will see a giant “+ Add Item URL to Shopping Cart” link.

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Still Need Help?


If you have questions about using our service, please read our “How To Use ZenMarket” tutorial here. You can also reach out to us on our social media channels linked below, or our Contact page

How to buy from Japan with ZenMarket


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