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Where to Buy Japanese Fashion in Japan

Thanks to its willingness to accept innovative fashion, Japan has become one of the most out-there shopping experiences in the world. Many designers use this country as a testing ground for new experimental projects. Japanese clothing is also known for quality materials and exquisite tailoring. 

There are multiple stores that represent Japanese fashion, such as Honeys, UNIQLO, URBAN RESEARCH, and much more. URBAN RESEARCH is one of the oldest Japanese fashion staples, opening its doors in 1974.  However, there are other stores such as WEGO and W♥C that also carry Japanese fashion.

Japanese fashion tends to be creative, especially in terms of casual clothes and streetwear, so if you are going to Japan, you may be wondering what stores you need to visit. You can't go wrong with shopping in Japan because even the most affordable brands can offer you clothing that will last. There are so many fantastic stores unique to Japan, here are just some of them you need to check out.



Where to Buy Japanese Fashion in Japan



Honeys is targeted at young women, but ladies of all ages can enjoy it. The clothes are well-tailored and made with quality fabrics and, if maintained well, will last you a pretty long time. It's also one of the most affordable Japanese clothing brands. The store also has a great range of accessories, including shoes, bags, and jewelry! 



If you're a fan of Japanese fashion, you can't skip Shimamura. Unlike many other Japanese brands, this one also offers plus sizes. Shimamura can be found in many stores and is considered one of the most affordable Japanese brands. 




WEGO is a one-stop-shop for Japanese streetwear that looks like it came straight out of Harajuku. It's a great place to find that statement piece for your wardrobe. With loads of bags, hats, and graphic Tees, you can assemble your whole outfit at this one store. It is targeted towards women and men in their teens up to the early twenties. WEGO also has a store at Harajuku's Takeshita-Dori. 



Perhaps the most famous Japanese fashion store chain, Uniqlo, is a great place to stock up on basics. Most of their items are in solid colors - with some polka dots or stripes here and there - so they can be easily mixed and matched with what you already have in your wardrobe. Keep in mind that the women in Japan are smaller than in most other countries, so  Japanese Uniqlo store sizes can be different from those in your home country. 



G.U. is Uniqlo's fashion-forward cousin, with prices even more affordable than in the world-famous fashion chain. While Uniqlo is renowned for the basics, you can find bold colors and fun prints at G.U.


Olive des Olive

If there's one thing that Japanese fashion is famous for, it's their ability to mix basic pieces with subtle kawaii cuteness, and no one does it better than Olive des Olive. Focusing on soft tailoring and pastel colors is perfect for Japanese kawaii fashion beginners. Founded in 1984, this store has been a staple for more than 30 years, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. You can find Olive des Olive shops across Japan, but in Harajuku you may buy it tax-free. 

Olive des Olive offers casual everyday wear, but with bows, frills, and cute collars. It's targeted towards women in their teens up to early twenties, and the prices are very affordable. 



URBAN RESEARCH is one of the oldest brands on this list. Founded back in 1974, this store is considered one of those "hipster" shops that offer the latest trends. 

Many of the clothing items here are pretty neutral, making them easy to mix and match with what you already have. This versatility has gained them a hefty following.



Earth Music & Ecology

As you would expect from the name itself, this store offers eco-friendly and natural materials. It's a great place to find everyday wear, but you can find some work clothes as well. Also, make sure to check out their collabs with Allstars or New Balance sneakers.


Where to buy Japanese Fashion in Tokyo


Issey Miyake Reality Lab

 You can find the Issey Miyake Reality Lab just a short walk from the fashion Centre of Cat Street. Though there are many Issey Miyake stores scattered around the world, this one is special. You may have already guessed that this is more of a design experience than just a fashion store. The store was created by the famous designer Tokujin Yoshioka, who was inspired by the aesthetics of science labs. 


Studious Outlet

Studious Outlet is the so-called anti-department store of Harajuku. This fashion chain focuses on showcasing only local designers. The store is separated into menswear, womenswear, and experimental Labs. The company's mission is to bring the most innovative designers to the mainstream. If you want to find something that perfectly encapsulates the Tokyo fashion scene, you'll find it here, as each Studious space has something different to offer.  


Shibuya 109

Separated into two genders, the Shibuya 109 is impossible to miss no matter how short your stay in Tokyo. Every level is dedicated to a different subculture. This is more like a fashion museum than an actual store, from lolita to hip hop to cosplay. No matter your fashion taste, you will find a style for you. 



W♥C is a Japanese shop that has something for everyone. Not only is it affordable, but it is designed to cater to even the most demanding shopper. This store has everything - from kawaii handbags to shoes you probably won't find anywhere else. If you are looking for everything related to the Harajuku style, W♥C is worth checking out. This store also has many vintage styles combining them with boho-chic. 



According to Tripadvisor, Bodyline is one of the hottest shops to hit while in Shibuya. This store has a bit of everything for people looking for casual looks, especially if they're on a bit of a wild side.

Bodyline offers everyday clothing, but also cosplay and lolita fashion, so you definitely won't be disappointed.



GR8 is said to be one of Japan's finest clothing stores, according to High Snobiety, and it's easy to see why. This store offers all of Japan's cutting-edge styles and is well known in the Harajuku district. 

All things new, innovative, and avant-garde - GR8 has it all. This store provides a hip and new age feel to what would be just a plain normal shopping experience. 



If you don't know by now, Harajuku is a shopping lovers' heaven. Especially when it comes to all things vintage - there are some shops that just shouldn't be missed, such as BerBerJin. This store was founded more than 20 years ago and is still going strong. 

With many styles from vintage to military, it's doubtful that you won't find what you're looking for or something much better. This is one of those places that is always worth checking out, especially if you like one-of-a-kind pieces.  



Beauty&Youth is one of Japan's most popular and trendiest fashion stores, especially for those who like to follow trends and fit in. Their chic and upscale style offers options for just about anyone. 

This store is a branch of the UNITED ARROWS brand and especially caters to young people. The store is separated into sections for men, women, and children, making it a wholesome experience. So if you are looking for a casual outfit, you will at least find one solid option here. 


Freak's Store

You'd expect weird and strange clothing from a shop called Freak's Store (especially in Japan), but that's not the case. Rather, this store offers regular styles that you can find in the U.S. This store offers Western and American style trends. The shop mixes western styles, with styles traditionally found in Japan. 



Where to buy Japanese fashion in Osaka

Check out our video guide on some of the best fashion stores as we explore Osaka, street fashion central of Japan.

Now that you know all about the most important stores in Japan for every style and budget, you are ready to start shopping and exploring!




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Article| 18/03/2022 | Fashion


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