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17 Popular Lifestyle & Fashion Select Stores In Japan

There are many unknown and undiscovered Japanese local fashion brands. When it comes to Japanese fashion and goods, do you know where to shop in Japan? Depending on what you want to buy from Japan, your shopping experience differs with different cities and stores. In this blog, we will be introducing popular Japanese select shops, so you can buy everything including lifestyle and fashion goods online all in just one store! Enjoy shopping from Japan online from ZenMarket. 

Where to shop in Japan

What are Select Shops (セレクトショップ)? 

In Japanese terms, select stores (セレクトショップ) mean a boutique carrying various selected items. Similarily to department stores, Japanese select shops are lifestyle boutiques that offer a wide range of goods from different brands based on the taste and aesthetics of a certain lifestyle concept. Basically a one-stop shop for everything!

A good example would be BEAMS, which provides luxury goods for Japanese audience that is more active and influenced by American culture. Other well-known Japanese select shop retailers include United Arrows, Ships and Urban Research etc. 

30_6 Selected Store in Japan
(Photo: 30_6 Selected Store in Japan)

Compared to fast fashion brands, select shops mostly offer goods that are of higher price but still affordable compared to luxury brands. These shops curate a selection of mix-and-match products for their audience and this way customers can shop in one place for all their desired goods - thus lifestyle stores. 

Before select shops came in, there were mostly only brand-name stores (creator stores) and foreign boutiques that existed in Japan. Select shops are successful in Japan as Japanese people are generally more fashion-conscious and many people enjoy having one place for everything so they do not need to shop around and decide on what they want to buy. Especially in the mid-70s, during the rapid economic growth, young Japanese people had more money to spend on fashion.

The first famous select shop that started at that time was Miura & Sons (now called SHIPS) in Ueno, Dogenzaka in Shibuya, and Beams in Harajuku. These shops started with mostly importing items from the West Coast in America. And soon became leading stores in Japan for curated selection shops.

Select shops then developed to become fashion and lifestyle stores that offer items from a collective of brands, as well as their own line of products. Usually, prices are higher than in fast fashion/petit-pura fashion and cheap clothing stores, because they focus more on quality and aesthetics, also the main goal is to discover new brands and curate styling options for their audience. 


Most Popular 17 Japanese Select Stores You Need To Know (and you can order ONLINE)

Here is a list of the most popular selection shops in Japan where you can buy everything...Trust me when I say everything - this includes women's, men's and kids' clothes, accessories, cosmetics, interior goods, books, furniture, gifts, bags, shoes, even second-hand goods...all stuff you need in these selected boutiques. From low to high prices, these curated selection shops have all the Japanese fashion and Japanese brands suited for everybody.

The best thing about them is you can order all these items online in Japan with ZenMarket and ship them internationally! No need to visit Japan to go shopping in Japan.

But beware, there are thousands of pages to browse for online shopping, so instead of footwork get ready your eye work. In any case, most of the brands also have actual stores in Japan as well so remember them for where to shop in Japan when you travel. Click on the select shop's name to browse their online shopping site. 

Select Shop Founded in (Japan) Price Range (JPY) Brands/Sub-Labels

United Arrows

(United Arrows Ltd.)

1989 ¥6,000~¥50,000 Beauty & Youth, United Arrows, and more
WEGO 1994 ¥1,000~¥7,000 WEGO, WEGO Vintage, Punyus, and more


(Fast Retailing Group)

1974 ¥1,000~¥12,000 Uniqlo U, Ines De La Fressange, and more



1953 ¥1,000~¥15,000 Season Reason, HK Works London, LOGO Days, and more


(BEAMS Group)

1976 ¥10,000~¥250,000 Ray Beams, BEAMS HEART, BEAMS BOY and more
Honeys 1978 ¥1,000~¥5,000 Glacier, Cinema Club, Cloza and more 
SHIPS 1975 ¥1,000~¥200,000 SHIPS any, SHIPS, SHIPS for women and more

Journal Standard


(established in 1977)

¥2,000~¥250,000 Journal Standard Women, Journal Standard Men and more 
Muji 1980 ¥1,000~¥80,000 Muji LABO, Muji Hotel, Muji Walker and more
nano universe 2002 ¥1,000~¥240,000 beats per minute, NANO universe and more 
World Online Store 1959 ¥1,000~¥500,000 Untitled, grove, Reflect, INDIVI and more
Usagi Online 2013  ¥1,000~¥500,000 Snidel, Gelato Pique, Lily Brown and more
Tomorrow Land 1978   ¥1,000~¥500,000 Tomorrow Land Women, Tomorrow Land Men and more

Daytona Park

(Daytona International)

(established in 1986)
 ¥1,000~¥80,000 Freak's Store, Patagonia, Barbour, Nike and more 

Dot St

1953  ¥1,000~¥150,000 Global Work, niko and..., Lowrys Farm and more

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United Arrows

United Arrows Store

You can see United Arrows stores everywhere in Japan. The brand was founded in 1989 and has been collaborating with many worldwide brands like New Balance, Dr. Martens and The North Face. One of the founders of BEAMS, Osamu Shigematsu, actually started this brand.

Their stores feautures not only clothing items but also goods for a stylish lifestyle. They have stylish and elegant designs that target a wide range of audiences. From BEAUTY & YOUTH which is like a Japanese version of Barneys, to Green Label Relaxing which sells casual clothing for married men. United Arrows has become the second biggest fashion company in Japan to Uniqlo. 

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Urban Research

Urban Research Store

Urban Research has expanded rapidly in Japan with many sub-lines targeting various audiences. Urban Research Japan provides all kinds of goods varying from women's and men's fashion to home goods. The brand focuses on the latest innovations and trends, such as a virtual dressing room for a digital experience in fashion. It also focuses on SDGs by promoting second-hand fashion through its new concept stores and upcycling system. Here are a few of the labels from Urban Research.

  • Urban Research UR 
    This signature main brand offers casual and tasteful lifestyle goods under the "Urban Living" concept.

  • Urban Research Doors
    All items are designed with the concepts of "Environment" and "Living", providing sustainable products.

  • Sense Of Place
    "The Global Standard Fashion" offers affordable and universal fashion pieces for fashionistas.

  • Sonny Label
    Relaxing and casual items to offer you a day-to-day comfortable fashion style.

  • Ekal
    Quality outdoor gear that is inspired by living along the lakeside.

You can purchase a wide range of products such as fashion goods, kidswear, accessories, swimwear, kimonos, sports goods, home decor, furniture and so much more! In Japan, Urban Research also has cafes and restaurants to locally complete their brand value for sustainable lifestyles. Unfortunately, they do not ship outside of Japan currently - but ZenMarket is here to help you with that!




WEGO Store

WEGO is a great Japanese fashion brand for Harajuku fashion lovers. They offer clothing and fashion items at an affordable price, mainly targeting students and teens. WEGO has over 148 stores in Japan and they have a lot of original designs that can be mixed and matched. The stores often have sale events and the deals are very attractive. 




Uniqlo Store

Everyone knows about Uniqlo so we do not have to explain much. Uniqlo has grown massively worldwide and offers a variety of lifestyle goods, as well as different collaborations. Known for its high-performance innovations and all-time designs, it is much loved by many people.

If you want more affordable prices, you can shop at GU. GU is a petit-pura brand launched in 2006 by Fast Retailing, the same company that owns UNIQLO. With the concept of “making fashion more free", it offers affordable low-cost and trendy fashion.  

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Shimamura is becoming more and more popular in Japan. They have over 1,300 stores and most stores have a large shopping area that includes clothing, home goods, babygoods, kidswear, and many more. They offer a wide range of affordable lines and often release collaborations with anime or celebrities. Shimamura mainly targets families and kids, with its stores located more in the suburbs than in urban areas. 



BEAMS store

Beams is one of the pioneer of Japanese select shop brands. It started as a small store, roughly 21-square-meter section of floorspace in Harajuku. The full original name of the store was American Life Shop Beams, and the product selection was meant to evoke the college dorm room of a UCLA student. It offered t-shirts and jeans as well as skateboards and the like—it put forth not just a vision for fashion but a vision for a style of life. Beams targets all ages and has many in-house sub-labels.

Now it includes a comprehensive selection of luxury items that is relatively more expensive and sometimes exclusive. It runs Ray Beams and Beams Boy, both of which cater to women, the art-oriented International Gallery Beams, t-shirt brand Beams T, record store/record label Beams Records, and the Tokyo concept stores Beams Japan and Tokyo Culture by Beams.




Honeys Store

Honeys is a popular fashion brand that targets teens and women. Their designs are more mature and minimalistic, making Honeys an affordable go-to fashion brand for many young adults. Their designs are more all around and can be worn anytime of the year. Honeys has also collaborated with many anime characters such as Sanrio, Disney, Moomin, etc. You can even check out the recommeded styling page suggest by their staff on the official online store for fashion ideas. 






SHIPS store

SHIPS started in 1975 and was originally an import store selling imported clothing and zakka (miscellaneous lifestyle goods and trinkets) from U.S. vendors in Ameyoko Shopping Street in Uneno. That store was named Miura Shohin. Later it changed its name to “Miura" and then “Miura & Sons" before ultimately transforming into SHIPS in 1977. The name originated from the founder’s wish to discover and offer a great selection of clothing from all over the world to the Japanese market on ships. 

In the 80s and 90s, SHIPS expanded nationwide and transcended into one of the leaders of select shops today. It launched two in-house sub-labels: Ships Men, which targets 20s and 30s young businessmen; and Ships Jet Blue, offering casual menswear. Other than its menswear, it also offers plenty of brand selections for women and children. SHIPS’s selection is probably comparable to J. Crew in the U.S. 

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Journal Standard

Journal Standard Store 

Journal Standard is another select store in Japan that sells a wide variety of products from Japan and abroad. It is a popular brand and its American-designed casual-style clothes have attracted young Japanese people. Journal Standard is also known for its high-quality fabric and materials. Their contemporary and simple designs are great for everyday outings or a day out with friends.



Muji Store

You must know MUJI as it has stores and popularity worldwide. MUJI is not only popular with fashion items but also lifestyle goods like kitchenware, furniture, and food. MUJI offers easy-to-match styles that are simple and natural, and use high-quality materials such as organic cotton. Its brand aims to provide a quality and simple lifestyle that is good for our world and nature.  


nano universe

nano universe store

Known as a select store that started in Shibuya, nano universe is a fashion brand that targets young people in their teens to thirties. Their designs are generally cool and modern for those who prefer a slightly formal but relaxed vibe. They also sell a unique fashion series called “Anti-soaked”, which is specially manufactured to cut UV rays and reduce sweat, making it perfect for the hot summer season. 





World Online Store

World Online Store

World Online Store is a massive online store that features a lot of local Japanese fashion brands such as Untitled, INDIVI, reflect and aqaugirl, and much much more. As these brands are comparatively small, they are not well-known outside of Japan - which makes it unique as many people do not own these fashion pieces. Mostly selling fashion for women, men and kids, the items are of a higher price range. They also have a selection of interior goods, sportswear and zakka. Explore their online store and discover unknown treasures in Japan. 



Usagi Online

Usagi Online Store

Usagi Online is an online store that offers both Japanese local and overseas brands for young women who like a sweet and charming style. They offer well-known Japanese women labels such as Snidel, Lily Brown, and Gelato Pique.

Not only does it have a big online presence, but it also has more than 10 stores in Japan and even 2 stores in Hong Kong. With Taiwanese fashion having a similar style, they also have a Taiwanese version of their site. If you are looking for ladies' fashion from Japan, you must check their online store for gorgeous selections.  




Tomorrow Land Store

Hiroyuki Sasaki founded Tomorrow Land in 1978 with a unique classic yet modern approach to fashion style. The store offers multi-cultured but still Japanese fashion pieces. He has 13 original labels and over 150 retail stores. The brand has also collaborated with many famous overseas brands like Acne Studio, Dries Van Noten, James Perse, and Isabel Marant, by operating their own creators stores in Japan. 

Tomorrow Land has a wide collection of luxurious goods that are contemporary and of casual elegance. The quality and material are superb as Sasaki began his career in textiles, where he gained his passion for deluxe textiles and garments. If you want something that is high-end, modern, and of simplistic beauty, you definitely need to check out Tomorrow Land.

Shop Torrowland on Rakuten


Daytona Park

Daytona Park Online Store

Daytona Park is an online store with American-style brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and The North Face. Though they are mostly American brands, Daytona Park brings a Japanese twist to American-style designs with its famous brand Freak's Store.

There are a lot of big brands' collaboration projects with Freak's Store, for example, Freak's Store X Canada Goose and Freak's Store X Admiral Watford. Daytona Park promotes positive and adventurous lifestyle concepts while providing American-style casual fashion and lifestyle goods. They also focus a lot on quality and aim to offer clothing that does not fade color even after 10 years.    


Dot St

Dot St .st Store

Dot St is the official online website operated by ADASTRIA, a large Japanese fashion group that sells more than 30 brands and has over 1200 stores in Japan nationwide, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. You can find and buy popular Japanese brands like Global Work, niko and..., Lowrys Farm, Jeanasis, and much much more. Their brands are catered to all age groups and to a wide range of demographics with each brand having slightly different aesthetics.

Aside from fashion and lifestyle goods, they also aim to increase each customer's lifestyle value by providing vast services like cafes and restaurants, wellness activities, and ongoing plans to expand further. What is better than being able to shop over 30 Japanese brands on one website? You will definitely be able to find something you like there.





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