DHL-eC Shipping is Back!

Due to the current global situation, many delivery methods have either increased in price or become unavailable for international delivery.

ZenMarket has been hard at work over the last few weeks trying to put in place alternative delivery options to help those of you that are currently facing difficulties with receiving international shipping.


Today, we are happy to announce that we are bringing back DHL eCommerce!

DHL eCommerce is a separate, child company from the well-known DHL courier service. DHL eCommerce uses a network of partner carrier services for delivery, so your packages will be delivered to you through a partnership of local post offices or delivery services.

DHL eCommerce has several shipping methods to choose from. As of today, ZenMarket will be implementing the following two delivery options:

Packet Plus (PPS) and Packet Standard (PKD).


Why use these shipping methods?

Packet Plus (PPS) and Packet Standard (PKD) are only available for small packages up to 2 kg, but is typically faster delivery than even SAL Small (currently not available at this time).

Making it one of the cheapest and fastest shipping options for lightweight and inexpensive items.

Maximum size / weigh Details:

  • Package weight: 2kg max.
  • Size: height + length + width = 90cm max.
  • Price of the items: 30,000 yen maximum. 

Packet Plus (PPS) and Packet Standard (PKD) can also send some goods that can not normally be sent by courier services. For example - Food!

What is the difference between PKD and PPS?

Packet Standard (PKD) is cheaper but does not offer insurance and parcel tracking is very limited.

Packet Plus (PPS) is slightly more expensive but has better tracking and insurance*


*IMPORTANT! At this moment, insurance for both Packet Plus (PPS) and Packet Standard (PKD) is NOT AVAILABLE. DHL eCommerce will not be taking claims and will NOT issue any compensation for packages during the current COVID-19 situation. 

Due to this, when necessary, ZenMarket will provide refunds in the event the following conditions occur

  • Package not delivered after 60 days after the shipment date.
  • Broken item: We will require customers to provide an image of the damage and our team to perform a check with regards to the reported issue (refund decisions will be at the discretion of the ZenMarket team).

Please keep this information in mind when choosing these delivery methods.


For more information about cost, size, and approximate delivery times when using these delivery methods, see our calculator!



We understand that DHL eCommerce may not be the perfect solution for some of you, but we hope that many of you will find these new shipping options helpful. 


Remember, you can still store goods in the ZenMarket warehouse for 120 days, absolutely FREE!

And until the end of May, there is a 10% discount on delivery when you use courier services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL.

If you were hoping for more delivery options from us, don't worry. The team here at ZenMarket is hard at work and we will hopefully have more good news with regards to other delivery options soon! 

News| 13/05/2020 | News