120 Days of FREE Storage

Due to many of our customers still living in conditions that recommend self-isolation in an attempt to quarantine the spread of COVID-19, ZenMarket will, yet again, be adding even more days of additional FREE storage for everyone, no matter the country.

This means for those of you unable to receive parcels due to disturbances in postage services or unable to collect packages because you are self-isolating, you will be able to keep your items stored in our warehouse for up to 120 days for free, plus an additional 45 days of paid storage.


This will be a further increase to the already extended storage days we introduced previously. Item storage within our warehouse will increase from our previous 135 days (90 Free Days + 45 Paid days) to now 165 days (120 Free Days + 45 Paid days).

Storage fees will now start to take place on the 121st day or after this extension service ends and resumes normal storage rules (whichever comes first).

Storage fees from THIS POINT FORWARD WILL STOP and not be charged to your account for items within the new 120-days Free storage period, but are over the previous standard 90-Days of free storage. We are unable to refund any Storage Fees already incurred.

Unfortunately, we only have a limited amount of warehouse storage and may need to suspend this new 165-day extension period if we reach maximum storage capacity.

We ask that you please be considerate to other members of the ZenMarket community that NEED this extension period and only take advantage of the additional free storage days if you are unable to collect or ship your parcels due to the effects of COVID-19.

The team here at ZenMarket wishes all of you to stay safe and in good health by avoiding any unnecessary risks during this time. Please keep regularly washing your hands and following the recommended guidelines proscribed by health officials.

We hope this helps those of you that need it and provides you will a little peace of mind during these uncertain times.

News| 30/04/2020 | News