Top 5 Daiwa Fishing Reels For Your Money

There’s a wide range of fantastic reels on the market; you might be struggling to find one that is perfect for your type of fishing. That’s why we are here. ZenPlus works with the biggest and most trusted fishing stores to bring you the best fishing tackle at the best price. We’ve talked about our top 5 Daiwa fishing rods, the best Japanese fishing wear, and the best places to buy Japanese fishing tackle. Today, we’re here to introduce our top 5 Daiwa fishing reels picked by our ZenPlus team members.

1. Daiwa Seaborg 200J

Welcome to a new era of electric reels. The Seaborg 200J has a single handle and a double handle on both sides. The single arm is equipped with an aluminum round knob with an arm length of 60 mm and a flexible power system. The options with the Seaborg 200J are endless; you can choose the best drag (rigid and screwed down or soft) depending on the type of fish you are targeting.

Daiwa Seaborg 200J photo

We tried the Daiwa Seaborg 200J with the Riomaster Makoto SXS-255 with the combined weight of 175g. It was incredible being able to do all the work with just one thumb! The high-rigidity aluminum die-cast body fits compactly in our hands in the natural grip of the rod. The compact design and JOG power lever made it possible to perform all the necessary fishing operations just as we imagined. You can feel the fish feeding or touching on the bait or even taking the bait away, which makes catching fish a lot easier! The feeling of the line going out smoothly, but persistently was refreshing. If for whatever reason it stops, you can easily change the drag setting with your thumb.

This electric reel features Daiwa’s JOG POWER LEVER making it easy to operate with one thumb. In the past, the power lever was located on the upper right of the reel, but now it is placed in the center. That’s not all that has been changed,  Daiwa redesigned it to a dial type for the ultimate ease of use. The Seaborg 200J is designed and shaped with your grasp of the rod in mind allowing the attachment of the reel body to feel as natural as possible, which in turn makes it easier to catch fish. With one extra hand spare, you can enjoy the tactics of fishing more than ever before.

Jog Power Lever Diagram

You may have heard of Daiwa’s MAG SHIELD before, it blocks any water or foreign matter from entering your reel, by a powerful film of magnetic fluids coating called “MAG OIL.” The most significant benefit is that the ball bearings within the reel keep you free from salt bumps, rust, and any unwanted noise. With other reels, ball bearings may start to degrade over time due to the rotational movement. However, conventional ball bearing reels often become unusable before the balls wear because of salt and rust. This is especially true for electric reels, which are usually operated in seawater by wet hands. This is where the Mag Shield technology changes everything. Even without any maintenance, the ball bearings will continue to work efficiently, furthering the initial performance winding efficiency for an extended period. Magshield ball bearings are not the only technology for anglers that are serious in fishing; they are for all anglers who want a pleasant performance for a long time.

Seaborg 200J

Other Features

ATD (Automatic Drag System)

Welcome to the new generation of Daiwa drag systems that suppresses drag reduction and improves smoothness at the beginning of the drag. ATD implements structural changes to the spool metal of the reel which provides more significant support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft, Due to this additional support it reduces spool twists under load, increases pressure on the drag washers and reduces “pulsing” of the drag when catching fish.


Daiwa’s special neodymium magnet is the base of the MAGMAX motor; it’s a perfect magnet for generating high torque even at low rotation speeds with moderate loads. The engine boasts the power, but can also output fine adjustments such as “slow roll up” and “slow boat stop.” Also, it is excellent with instantaneous power due to the incredible response from this motor, allowing the winding operation to be precisely how the fisher expects.


The new structures maximize the power of the motor by fully utilizing the limited space in the motorized reel. Also, the cooling effect of the engine is improved, contributing to further improvement of the motor drive efficiency. By designing the reel with the motor at the front of the spool, an FF structure makes it a whole lot easier to hold and use. Also, a level wind is placed between the motor and the spindle to achieve further compactness.


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2. Daiwa CERTATE LT4000-CXH

We’ve been waiting for the new 2019 CERTATE LT4000 for a while now, and we are not disappointed. It is one of the best spinning reels ever made to this date. With all the latest technology, including monocoque body and tough Digigear, this level of refinement and strength is rarely ever achieved. It combines lots of new features like Long Cast ABS spool, Mag Seal, ATD drag, one-piece Air Bail, Drag Knob, Perfect Line Stopper, Machined Aluminium Air Handle, and Air Rotor making the CERATE LT the best yet!

daiwa certate LT4000-CXH

The Certate LT4000 is made from 60 years of innovation. Since the first Certate reel was launched in 2004, it has been the pioneer of design and the latest technology. Back in 2004, the legendary Real Four design technology (Real Control, Real Endurance, Real Engine, and Real Custom) shocked the fishing world when it was announced in the original Certate due to the unreal strength, refinement, and precision it brought with it.

Six years later, the 2010 Certate modeled debuted with Mag Seal, which again shocked anglers all around the globe. Mag Seal provided protection and performance like no one has ever seen in a reel before, with it’s magnetized oil coating to prevent any outside matters to enter your reel, therefore, maximizing the reel lifespan and overall performance.

The 2013 and 2016 Certate models further improved everyone’s opinion on the outstanding reel — this time by adding Mag Sealed Line Roller, Mag Sealed Bearings, and a beautiful Monocoque body. The Certate has proven to everyone that Daiwa is pushing the boundaries in design and performance not only in the Japanese fishing world but worldwide.

Other Features

Monocoque Body

The Certate is the most durable, smoothest and most potent yet, thanks to its Monocoque body. There’s no need for a side plate anymore, meaning you can use larger gears to improve winding and torque.

LT Concept

LT means “light,” and “tough” and Daiwa’s Certate suppresses all of its competition in this area. The Certate LT is 45% lighter than previous models and has 5% longer casting performances due to its new aluminum design without the anti-reverse lever. Even the slightest weight reduction can have adverse effects on the strength and durability of the reel, but with Daiwa’s Monocoque Body, you can be reassured that it’s light and sturdy. Watch the reel in action in the video below:


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3. Daiwa Seaborg 300J

The Seaborg 300J electric reel makes your fishing life even more comfortable by polishing past performance and comfortability. The aluminum JOG power lever on this model takes the environment you are fishing in into consideration; it also improves the comfortability of operation when you have wet fingers.

If you love the idea of the Daiwa Seaborg 200J but are looking for the best final electronic reel, then we highly recommend the Seaborg 300J.


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4. Daiwa STEEZ CT SV TW 700XHL

Say hello to the high-end version of the Steez SV with a 30mm dia CT spool, and improved control in the water. The Daiwa Steez CT SV TW 700XL features a beautiful magnesium alloy body making it compact and robust at the same time. Compared to other shallow spool reels, the STEEZ CT SV supports thicker lines from 8 - 10lb, allowing you to catch larger fish.

daiwa steez CT SV TW 700XHL on ZenPlus

The air brake system matched with a G1 aircraft grade duralumin spool allows you to cast longer at high speeds without any backlash. TWS T shaped winder system lets your line to move freely and improves casting distances on average by a whopping 5%. But that’s not it; saltwater anglers will be pleased to hear that Daiwa has improved the salt-resistance of the reel which will benefit all anglers. Like a lot of other new Daiwa Reels, the Steez CT SV TW is also coated in Mag-seal technology to prevent any water from entering your real and destroying the ball bearings.

Check out the video down below to watch Daiwa’s Steez CT SV TW in action.

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5. Daiwa Lexa LT5000D-CXH

Lexa is a lightweight, compact spinning reel that has been developed for tough fishing situations. The solid body made of aluminum firmly supports robust digital gears, and the Mag Shield protections ensure salt contamination and foreign matter resistants from seawater. This reel shows how firm commitment to reduce the weight of their reels bodies, spools, and handles, has become the new standard for compact spinning. The Lexa series is a perfect match for catching sea bass, large trout, shore jigging, etc.

Daiwa Lexa LT5000D-CXH on ZenPlus
Daiwa’s Lexa LT5000D-CXH is most suitable for anglers who fish in salty waters, due to its highly rigid metal body, mag shield protection, and the adoption of ATD. Also, it suits many rods due to its modern design.

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So, which Daiwa reel are you interested in? If you couldn’t find the one you were after here, don’t worry, we have plenty more on our ZenPlus fishing stores. Click the banner below to browse our full collection of fishing tackle.


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Article| 17/06/2019 | fishingzenplus