7 Best Japanese Fishing Gear 2018

Winter is here! It's time to buy some warm fishing wear to stop you from freezing. Warm and comfortable wear is no more important than choosing the best fishing rod for you. Here are some of the best fishing gear on the Japanese market right now.

7 Winter Fishing Suits From Japanese Manufacturers That You Should Pay Attention To:

① Daiwa Gore-tex Product Winter Suit DW-1207

This is certainly one of the best winter suits, which will provide reliable protection from the cold.
The costume contains a unique technology made by Daiwa - D.D.SYSTEM. It allows you to tighten the hood and waistband in just one touch. This allows you to get rid of any unnecessary actions when you're fishing.

Daiwa Gore-tex Product Winter suit DW-1207

Laces for tightening the bottom of the jacket are located in the pockets for greater convenience.

The cut is designed to best fit the movements of the wearer. This model is all about convenience and movability, you may even forget that you're wearing it. However, this is not a cheap model, although its quality is fully consistent with the price.

Size: M - 4XL
Colors: Black, Cherry, Gray

② Daiwa Rainmax High Loft Winter Suit DW-3507

Let's turn to a more affordable model. The DW-3507 is an excellent base model that meets all requirements for winter fishing: waterproof and wind resistant due to the material Reimax. It has a high level of water repellent and has a steaming capacity.The jacket is equipped with a double edge on the sleeves to protect against the wind. This model is extremely popular in Japan and they are constantly updating the line with new colors.

Size: М - 4XL
Colors: black, khaki, purple, yellow, blue.

Daiwa Rainmax high loft winter suit DW-3507

③ DAIWA Rainmax Hyper High Loft Winter Suit DW-3407

A warmer version of the DW-3507 with 20% more insulation.

Size: М - 4XL
Colors: black, light gray, blue, red.

DAIWA Rainmax Hyper High Loft Winter Suit DW-3407


④ Shimano DS Advance Warm Suit RB-025q

The costume is sewn from a two-layer Siman waterproof material called DryShield. Therefore, you can rest assured you will get enough protection from the cold.

The RB-025q pays special attention to the cut around the shoulders, and under the arms, in order to fit the movements of a fisherman when fishing.

The upper part of the pants has a double layer to ensure you stay warm while sitting. All the zippers are waterproof, thanks to a special rubber coating. This model comes in a small size XS, and also has a wide variety of colors, making it perfect for women.


⑤ Shimano Gore-Tex Basic Warm Suit RB-017Q

The RB-07Q is made from a double layer of Gore-tex, which is lightweight and durable. It is equipped with a waterproof front lock, double cuffs and has neck insulation inside the collar.

Shimano Gore-tex Basic Warm Suit RB-017Q

⑥ Free Knot Bowon Hybrid Warm Suit

The main difference of this suit is the use of Kodenshi technology for maintaining heat, based on the fact that the material “returns” body heat back. At the same time, the material absorbs sweat and moisture.

Shimano Gore-Tex Basic Warm Suit RB-017Q

The manufacturer notes that the material does not reflect the temperature of the body and infrared radiation. If you bring your palms close to each other, you will feel a weak heat, without even touching them. It is through this phenomenon that Kodenshi fights the cold.
Due to this technology, the suit will not be too warm in autumn or early spring and you can safely use it most of the year - in winter, in spring, and in autumn.

Colors: black and light gray.


⑦ Winter Suits Logos Lipner

This is probably the most affordable winter fishing suit in the Japanese market. The price tag starts at just 7,000 yen. There are reflective stripes on the back, chest and pants. The collar and the hoods are sewn together with a fluffy fabric which is very pleasant to touch. The pants can be adjusted thanks to the velcro bottoms.  This model is attractive primarily for the price and quickly sales out on Amazon and Rakuten Japan. If you are interested in this model, it is best to buy it now.

Material: polyester
Weight: 1660 (L)

What you need to pay attention to when you choose fishing gear for the Winter:

1. Warmth & Breathability

Of course, the most crucial point is that the clothing must keep you warm. Warmth is primarily dependent on the filler, and it may vary from brand to brand. The best material is the most expensive. Please also keep in mind the lightness of fishing gear, fishing in a heavy jacket may be tiresome.

We recommend you also pay attention to the seams and breathability. The best fishing wear has seams covered with rubber. These suits have a higher level of protection against moisture and cold. Breathability of the suit is also extremely important, especially if you are very active while fishing. When you move, your body temperature rises, and, despite the freezing winter winds, it can get very hot. Therefore, a good suit should release excessive heat to the outside.

2. Watertightness & Water Repellency

You need to pay attention to the seams. After all, if the jacket is made from a cheap waterproof material, water can penetrate through the seams and zipper. With a waterproof zipper like a lightning zipper, you will be able to solve this problem. Unlike conventional zippers, they do not need to be covered in waterproof material making it impossible to unfasten.

3. Mobility

For excellent mobility in your fishing gear, it is great to have a suit that stretches, is fitting in the right places and has big pockets in the best places. In Japan, sea fishing is common, so the pockets on Japanese fishing gear are often located higher, with the expectation that a life jacket will be fastened to your waste.


4. Lightness

As previously mentioned, even a very warm suit may not be the best if it is too big and heavy. The best jackets are both warm and are made from a lightweight material. There are many suits made of the very best Japanese membrane fabric, which is both warm and light. However, we must admit that these can be quite pricey.


5. Length & Hood

There are lots of options for short jackets and pants up to the waist, but without a doubt, the extra length will not be superfluous and will cover all possible cracks well. The same applies to the hood. The options "with" and "without" may differ significantly in price, but the hood still protects the head and neck that are sensitive to cold, so our opinion is only with.


6. Design & Appearance

Appearance is not everything, but it's still nice to wear something that you feel good in. 


About Gore-Tex

Undoubtedly, Gore-Tex is one of the best waterproof materials. It is lightweight and will protect you from the cold. There is only one negative thing about this material - it isn't cheap and you will have to pay much more for a jacket made out of Gore-Tex.

Nevertheless, this isn't a problem in the Japanese market, since many Japanese manufacturers provide equally good materials for a more reasonable price. Here are some that come to our mind - Reimax from Daiwa, Dry Shield from Shimano, and Rain Plus from Free Knot. Both Shimano and Daiwa are advanced and well-trusted companies in the world of fishing, so you can be confident in the quality of their inexpensive models.


So, Shimano or Daiwa? Or maybe another manufacturer?

As for winter suits, it seems that the Japanese prefer Daiwa. Although, it cannot be said that Shimano is inferior. Both companies have a wide range of fishing wear.

As for other manufacturers, the choice is also not small. Japanese manufacturers who don't only specialize in fishing, but also specialize in snowboarding and mountaineering also offer many options. In this case, it is easier to find jackets and pants separately, without buying the whole set.


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Article| 17/12/2018 | Sportfishing